First 100 Days

Last updated: March 22, 2024

What Does First 100 Days Mean?

The first 100 days refers to the the 100 calendar days following the closing date. They are the most important days post-close because the acquired company is more disposed to handle change. This propensity is simply due to the expectation of change by most employees and, consequently, delivers the most energy from those same employees for a buyer to implement change that can realize immediate value.


Divestopedia Explains First 100 Days

During the first 100 days, there are primarily two areas that should be prioritized. These areas include: a) finding the specific growth catalysts in the top line or “low hanging fruit” in cost reductions and realization of synergies, and b) finding areas where transaction and transitional risk can be mitigated. Usually, the areas where value can be created or risk mitigated relate to customer retention (for class A customers) or elimination (for low margin, class F customers), retention of key employees, and making sure the cultures are properly aligned.


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