League Table

Last updated: March 22, 2024

What Does League Table Mean?

A league table is the ranking of market leaders based on specific metrics within a particular industry. League tables are commonly used to rank companies that provide services in underwriting, financial and legal advisory, and mergers and acquisitions. These rankings can serve as a performance gauge for the organizations listed within the selected markets.


Divestopedia Explains League Table

League tables are typically used by investment banks to highlight their rankings in the dealmaking market to prospective clients. League tables can also be utilized by the prospective client seeking investment banking services to identify which company will best assist them in achieving their strategic goals. Finally, league tables help identify trends and market activity in the dealmaking sector.

Many reputable media companies perform these league table rankings. Each league table can present different metrics within the different sectors such as revenue, earning or other values. When ranking investment banks, deal transaction value by geographical region or aggregate investment banking fees for the annual period are commonly used.

League tables may be customized to suit a company’s criteria, but they still provide a standardized set of metrics. The standard tables are publicly used for referencing market activity.


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