About Valitas Capital Partners

Valitas Capital Partners is a corporate finance advisory firm that specializes in private market mergers and acquisitions. We collaborate with and support business owners in transition. Our clients are dedicated business owners who have built great enterprises. Valitas ensures they receive full recognition of the value they have created over many years. The most successful transactions are those that surface the Outlier, that one acquirer or investor who sees more value in a business than does any other. Our team has been identifying and accessing these Outliers since the mid-1990s. We have learned from the best professionals at leading global investment banks, having completed greater than 200 M&A transactions and financings worth in excess of $125 billion. This formidable institutional training is balanced with our personal entrepreneurial and private equity experiences. Our team appreciates the discipline required in building successful businesses and investments.

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valuation, due diligence, due diligence grind

There are a multitude of ways buyers can reduce the purchase price of a business. One of the cleverest is by using the due diligence grind to gradually wear down an owner and therefore land the price they want.

Getting Your Bang for Your Buck in Today's Pricey M&A Market

We know a vast majority of mergers and acquisitions fail. Why is that? Here are 4 key points on how to ensure your business survives and thrives in the M&A process and some strategies to best implement them.

Making Sense of Private Market M&A Advisory Fees

Fees are as customizable ad the business you run. How do you find the fee structure that will work for your business at time of sale? This article overviews some great points developed from Divestopedia's M&A fee survey, with input from our founder.

Know Your Buyer

If you haven't already considered the types of buyers that are in the market and what they're looking for, you need to start. Whether you're exiting today or in 10 years, knowing your buyer is a vital part of your end game.

Hiring an M&A Advisor: What's the Value?

M&A advisors exist for one very good reason: to provide you with the best chance possible of landing the deal you need to have a successful transition. Whether you are selling or buying, an advisor will help you avoid many pitfalls.

The Exclusive Negotiations Fallacy

It is a common fallacy that an exclusively negotiated deal is faster, easier and quieter than a structured process. In reality, the acquirer with exclusivity rarely moves with urgency.

The Window of Vulnerability in an M&A Transaction

In every sale transaction, there is a “window of vulnerability” for the seller that starts with the initiation of sale discussions with a potential buyer and ends with the closing of the sale. Three key risks present themselves during this window.