Acquisition Playbook – Live Workshop

Date: October 27, 2022 | Time: 17:00 pm IDLW

Reports show that 50% to 70% of private businesses plan to sell over the five to ten years. This will cause a once in a lifetime opportunity for mid-sized business owners to grow through acquisition.

This virtual workshop will explore this opportunity and how a company can develop an acquisition strategy. In the workshop, we will discuss:

- What it takes to build an acquisition process
- Why developing an acquisition thesis is a game changer
- The importance of creating a consistent pipeline of acquisition targets
- How to quickly get to an offer and LOI
- The keys that successful dealmakers use to close deals


  • Owners/shareholders considering or currently pursuing an acquisition
  • Executives seeking to understand and execute an acquisition strategy
  • High net worth families or individuals looking to acquire a portfolio of private businesses


  • Development of an acquisition thesis
  • Implementation of deal sourcing best practices to drive consistent and quality deal-flow
  • Analysis of deal structures, valuation and offers (LOI) for actual acquisition targets
  • Evaluation of areas needed in due diligence, legal agreements and integration
John Carvalho
John Carvalho

President, Divestopedia Inc.

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