Business Valuations 101 – For Mid-Sized Business Owners

Date: May 11, 2023 | Time: 17:00 pm

Business valuations are essential for mid-sized business owners who are looking to sell their business or obtain financing. In this webinar, we'll cover the basics of business valuations and provide tips for mid-sized business owners to increase the value of their business.

In the seminar we'll discuss:

  • different methods used for business valuations
  • normalized earnings; what is it and why it's important
  • calculating enterprise value vs. equity value
  • goodwill; what is it exactly and how its calculated
  • overall factors that impact the value of a business when selling
  • common questions that mid-sized business owners have about business valuations

By the end of this webinar, mid-sized business owners will have a better understanding of business valuations, how its calculated and how to increase the value of their business.

John Carvalho
John Carvalho

President, Divestopedia Inc.

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