What can M&A professionals do to better leverage technology?

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What’s the one thing M&A professionals can do to leverage technology more in the M&A process?


I think it's two things. So, you’ve got the sale-side and the buy-side. Two sides of the same coin with the M&A process. On the sale-side, we’re seeing a lot of bankers looking into automate and streamline the deal-marketing process. So, a lot of labour-intensive tasks in terms of the distribution, tracking of documents... traditionally an Excel-based process.

So, how can they accelerate and leverage tech to make that run more smoothly and gain better insights? On the buy-side, it’s really around embracing artificial intelligence (AI) and seeing if there are ways for them to gain better insights more quickly so that they can make better-informed decisions. Especially in this environment. So, I think both sides are looking at technology to try and improve how they do deals and adapt to the new environment.

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