Why is Employee Engagement Important in Post Acquisition Integration?

By Miracle Semien | Last updated: March 21, 2024

Engaged employees are critical to a company's success under any circumstances, and that is especially true during a merger when employee dedication can quickly make or break the success of the integration. We've been a part of 16 mergers and acquisitions, valued at over 6 billion dollars, so we've seen time and time again where employees feel uncertain, they have anxiety, it's just an us versus them mentality. They simply don't know what's going on and there's no transparency.

Let's take Eddie, the one I mentioned earlier. What happens if he actually leaves the company? This time he was making around 60k, and to replace Eddie it costs $44,000 in recruiting and in training costs for a mid-sized company. What if one-hundred Eddies leave? That would cost your company four million plus to replace and that's why employee engagement is important because it affects your bottom line.


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Written by Miracle Semien | COO, Veaux Professional Services, LLC

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