SPACs: An M&A Overview, Trends and Beating the Competition

By | Published: April 26, 2021
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In a robust deal market bursting with soaring valuations and low interest rates, corporate acquirers and private equity firms are fiercely competing. Meanwhile, a wave of SPACs — an alternative to the traditional IPO — are flexing their well-capitalized muscle. What are the best methods to stay competitive?

  1. The SPAC Attack – What are the drivers for the boom?
  2. Benefits of a SPAC IPO versus a traditional route
  3. Considerations from tax, legal and financial prospective in forming a SPAC
  4. What are the best methods to stay competitive?
  5. SPAC Unpacked – How the Special Purpose Acquisition Company deal differs from traditional M&A
  6. What lies ahead for SPACs?

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