Editorial Review Policy

Review Standards

Divestopedia’s goal is to deliver free, impartial, easy-to-understand content, specific to selling a mid-market business. Our content covers everything to do with determining whether to sell your business, the selling process and the pitfalls to watch out for when selling or buying. We also occasionally cover peripheral concepts, like retirement and employee retention, but we always write about these topics as they relate to you, the company owner, transactional advisors or the curious reader.

Divestopedia is advertiser supported, however, we ensure all sponsored or affiliated content is clearly marked. In addition, all our advertiser relationships exist according to FTC guidelines.

Although our content is evergreen, our editorial team evaluates older content on an ongoing basis to ensure that it is up to date and continues to provide value.

If you find an error in our content or something you believe could be improved, please let us know.

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