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'Best of Breed': An Aggressive Valuation Strategy for the Best Mid-Market Businesses
11 Reasons to Use Earnouts in the Sale of Your Company (Part 1)
11 Reasons to Use Earnouts in the Sale of Your Company (Part 2)
28 Skeletons You Must Air Out to Avoid Problems Selling Your Business
5 All Too Common Balance Sheet Red Flags That Could Impact Salability
5 Types of Business Insurance That Maximize Value
5 Value Creation Techniques in Roll-Ups
7 Ways a Board Enhances Private Enterprise Value
9 Financial Tips to Keep Your Business in Sale Ready Shape
A Call to All Exit Planners and Professionals - Complete this Survey
A Closer Look at What Drives and Influences Business Valuations
Add Value to Your Business with Systems and Brand
Adding Value with The Triggering Event
Both Sides of the Table: The Seller Becomes a Buyer
Building a Valuable Business - Advice from the Experts
Building Enterprise Value With Strategic Planning
Building Value Is the Win-Win-Win of Exit Planning
Business Development Is Vital to Success
Buy-Side M&A Strategy Success
Cash Forecast Excel Tool: In Tough Times, Cash is King
Competitive Analysis: The No.1 Way to Impress Prospective Buyers
Crazy M&A Myths You Need to Stop Believing Now
Deal Momentum: A Key Factor When Selling Your Company
Design a Growth Plan for a Premium Purchase Price
Developing a Proactive Acquisition Strategy for Mid-Market Businesses
Don't Overlook the Value of a Well-Defined Business Model
EBITDA Engineering Before Selling a Business
EBITDAC: The Mother of All Add-backs
Empire Builders' Tips to Acquiring Mid-market Businesses
Evolutionary Capital: Supporting Second Stage Companies and Their Leaders
Excessive or Expected Costs: What SG&A Can Tell You About Your Business
Four Simple Ways to Increase Your Business Value
Four Steps to Establishing a Board in a Private Enterprise
Getting Your Bang for Your Buck in Today's Pricey M&A Market
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: What's Your Contingency Plan?
How an Unbelievable Financial Forecast Can be Just That: Unbelievable
How Business Owners Can Thoughtfully Approach Exit Planning
How Business Sales Are Best Strategized, Conducted and Consummated
How Do I Attract a High Multiple for My Business? - The Business Factors
How Do I Attract a High Multiple for My Business? - The Sales Process
How Does Working Capital Impact the Value of Your Business?
How Goodwill Impacts Business Value
How Industry Consolidation Can Impact a Business Exit
How to Build Recurring Revenue: A Key to a Valuable Business
How to Double the Value of Nearly Any Business
How to Increase the Value of Your Business - Even If You're Not Selling
How to Sell a Business Today for a Price Based on Future Worth
How to Sell Your Online Business for Maximum Value
Human Capital Risk and the Impact on Business Value
Increase Customer Diversity, Increase Business Value
Intrinsic Value per Share and the Roadmap to Measurable Value Creation
Investors' Decision Making Process & Why You Should Know it Before Going to Market
Make Your Business Valuable in the Marketplace
Master Ten Value Drivers to Sell Your Business at the Highest Price
Measure of a Company’s True Intrinsic Value
Mezzanine Financing and Investing Explained
Narrowing Valuation Gap in Oil and Gas Industry
Podcast: 6 Key Components of the Entrepreneurial Operating System
Podcast: 8 Key Drivers to Increased Valuation, an Interview with John Warrillow
Podcast: A Recession Is Coming - Here's What You Need to Know, an Interview with Alex Chausovsky
Podcast: Acquisition Growth Strategies for Middle Market Companies
Podcast: Activities That Create the Highest Business Value
Podcast: Always Be Ready to Sell. Interview with Stuart Sorkin
Podcast: An Overview of the US 2018 Tax Reform, an Interview with James Markham
Podcast: Build a Legacy that Will Transcend Time, an Interview with Andrew Warner
Podcast: Build and Exit a Billion Dollar Business
Podcast: Building a For-Profit Business, Interview with Cammie Greif
Podcast: Building a Profitable Culture-Focused Business, an Interview with Jill Nelson
Podcast: Building Your Business through Acquisition
Podcast: Business Insurance Can Save Your Bacon, an Interview with Chris Steffl
Podcast: Can Private Equity Help Grow Your Equity Value by 3X?
Podcast: Can Robots Help Increase the Value of Your Business?
Podcast: Cost Segregation - Is it Right for You? An Interview with CSSI
Podcast: Could Your Business Survive a Recession? Scott Schwefel Talks About Rebuilding After Crisis
Podcast: Figuring Out Your Cash Flow, an Interview with Ken Sanginario
Podcast: Find Freedom and Unlock Hidden Value in Your Business
Podcast: How Do Private Equity Firms Work With Operating Partners?
Podcast: How Private, Mid-Market Businesses Can Avoid Leaving Money on the Table
Podcast: How to Be a Strategic Seller, an Interview with Josh Elizetxe
Podcast: How to Become a Passive Owner in Your Business
Podcast: How to Increase the Probability of a Successful Exit
Podcast: How to Play Defense - Tax Tips and Tricks
Podcast: How to Sell Your Business for a Crazy High Price
Podcast: How to Utilize Tax Benefits in a Successful Exit, an Interview with Bill Smith
Podcast: How Venture Capital Will Change Your Business and How it Stacks Up Against Other Kinds of Funding, an Interview with Rand Fishkin of Moz
Podcast: Is Venture Capital Your Ideal Partner? Interview with Jeff Grabow
Podcast: Keys to Finding Happiness After Selling Your Business
Podcast: Real Economic Value in Driving Corporate Culture
Podcast: Recurring Revenue Can Triple the Value of Your Company, an Interview with Loren Horsager
Podcast: Recurring Revenue Is the Best Way to De-Risk Your Business, an Interview with Dave Kauppi
Podcast: Scaling Your Business, Even Without Capital - an Interview with Michael Kaplan
Podcast: Selling Your Business to a Private Equity Group. Interview with Bobby Kingsbury
Podcast: Taxes and Your Net Proceeds, an Interview with CPA Ryan Turbes
Podcast: The First Question in Exit Planning: Who Is Going to Own Your Company?
Podcast: the Impact of Culture on Business, Interview with Sherry Deutschmann
Podcast: The Importance of Mergers and Acquisitions in the Middle Market
Podcast: The Myth of Value Creation
Podcast: The National Center for the Middle Market's 7 Key Value Drivers, an Interview with Tom Stewart
Podcast: Using Acquisitional Entrepreneurship to Increase Value, an Interview with Walker Deibel
Podcast: What Happens if You Lose Your Biggest Client? Interview with Larry Armstrong
Podcast: What is a Family Office? Interview with Richard Wilson
Podcast: What's Your Business Story? Interview with David Mann
Podcast: Why an Entrepreneurial Operating System Can Be a Business Changer, an Interview with Mike Paton
Podcast: Why Investing in Multiple Industries Is a Wise Move, an Interview with Jeff Smith
Podcast: Why Your Digital Services Business Should Be Run Like a Restaurant, an Interview with Kasim Marucchi
Preparing for an Actual Increase in Purchase Price During Due Diligence
Rap Wisdom for Selling Your Business
Real Stories of Private Equity Value Creation
Reliable Financial Data Is a Top Driver of Business Value
Retirement Planning Specifically for Mid-Market Business Owners
Six Critical KPIs That Drive Business Value in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry
Skeletons in the Closet: How to Avoid Risk Management Pitfalls When Doing a Deal
Spring Clean Your Revenue First, Then Grow It
Steps to Create Barriers to Entry
The 10 Things Your Business Broker Must Do to Earn the Fee
The Art of Getting Strategic Value for Software Companies
The Exit Planning Institute Doesn't Want You to Exit
The Most Common Mistake Business Owners Make
The No.1 Way to Increase the Perceived Value of a Construction Company
The Single Most Important Lever Driving Corporate Value
The Six Step Recipe to a Successful Exit
The Top 10 EBITDA Adjustments to Make Before Selling a Business
Timeless Value Trends for Mid-Sized Businesses
Understanding the Difference Between Private Equity & Venture Capital Firms
Venture Capital Experts to Follow on Twitter
What Drives the Value of Your Business?
What Is My Electronic Manufacturing Business Worth?
What to Keep in Mind to Maximize Valuation
When Selling Your Business, Don't Waste a Buyer's Time
When You Sell Your Software Company Can Have a Big Impact on Your Sale Price
Where Does the Operating Partner in Private Equity Begin?
Who Will Buy My Company?
Why Acquisitions Are Good for Business
Why Mid-Market Companies Are Valued Lower than Their Public Company Peers
Work Smarter Not Harder at Creating Business Value


'I Sold My Business at 10X Multiple.' A Multiple of What (and When)?
4 Ways to Unlock Cash in Working Capital
5 Approaches to Generating a Track Record for a Winning Valuation
7 Key Principles of Business Value
7 Reasons Your Business Isn't Worth What You Think It's Worth
A Calculation of Value Report and an Appraisal...There is a Difference
A Valuation Is Not Always the Best Way to Measure Value
A Visual Framework for Business Valuation
Acquisition Synergies (An Automotive Aftermarket Case Study)
An Overview of Business Valuation Standards
Back to Basics: How to Calculate EBITDA
Business Valuation Excel Template: 10 Simple Steps to Success
Business Valuation: An Analysis of Risk
Challenging How We Think of EBITDA
Company Valuations and Why They're the Wrong Metric for Business Owners
Comparing Comparables: The Problem with Transactional Data
Determining the Pre-Sale Value of Assets
Do You Know What Your Company Is Worth?
EBIT or EBITDA? Sometimes the DA in EBITDA Really Does Matter
For High-Tech M&A, Strategic Value is Not Automatic
How Would a Private Equity Firm Value Your Company?
How Your Balance Sheet Impacts Business Value
How Your Company Is Valued Depends on the Buyer
Magic Tricks to Help You Get the Valuation You Want
Podcast: Do You Know How Much Your Reputation Is Worth? An Interview with Mike Mooney
Podcast: How Does Wall Street View Your Public Company? An Interview with Roger Sippl of Informix
Podcast: Lessons Learned From Providing 13 Million+ Business Valuations
Podcast: Making Business Valuations Affordable, Accessible and Real-Time for the Middle Market
Podcast: Making the Numbers Make Sense in a Valuation, an Interview with Brandon Hall
Podcast: Preventative Valuations: How Doing a Valuation Early Impacts Your Sale Price, an Interview with John Carvalho
Podcast: What Factors Impact Predicting Future Value of a Company? Interview with Ken Sanginario
Podcast: What Private Equity Recaps Actually Do, an Interview with Mike O'Neil
Private Capital Markets 101
Recasting EBITDA in a Technology Business Sale
Should My Accountant Do My Business Valuation?
Simple Test to See if Your Business Will Attract a Premium Valuation
The Importance of Projections in Determining Business Value
The Intellectual Capital Agrarian
The Myth of Fair Business Valuation: What Professional Valuations Don't Tell You
The Only Valuation Method that Really Matters
The Reasonable Payback Period for an Investment in a Small- or Medium-sized Business
The Value of a Valuation
Think About the Long-Term for Maximizing Shareholder Value
Traditional Valuation Techniques May not Apply for an Information Technology Company
Tying the Knot: Getting to 'I Do' with the Right Private Equity Partner
Valuation vs. Value Creation
Valuations Are Necessary, Unless You're Very Lucky
Valuing the Growth Rate in the Sale of a Technology Company
Video: What Is Goodwill?
What Is My Auto Repair Business Worth?
What Is My Chemical Manufacturing Plant Worth?
What Is My Concrete Business Worth?
What Is My Equipment Rental Business Worth?
What Is Your Company Actually Worth?
What Is Your Financial Planning Practice Really Worth?
What Would You Like Your Business Value to Be?
What Your Supply Chain Business Is Really Worth
What's Missing in EBITDA?
When an EBITDA Multiple Doesn’t Work for a Valuation
Why Enterprise Value Doesn't Tell the Whole Story About a Company's Worth


10 Brand Architecture Strategies After M&A
Been There, Done That: An Energy Services Entrepreneur Tells His Sale Story
Changing the Odds of Wealth Transfer
How to Actually Be Good at Merger Integration
Key Ingredients to Making M&A Brand Decisions
Podcast: Creating and Selling Irish Bars and Whiskey - Interview with Kieran Folliard
Podcast: Getting Emotionally Ready for Life After Business, an Interview with Laura Rich
Podcast: I've Sold My Business. Now What? Interview with Cody McLain
Podcast: Investing Your Wealth After a Business Sale
Podcast: Planning for Life After Business, Interview with Geoff Green
Podcast: Planning for Transitional Challenges, an Interview with Jennifer Fondrevay
Podcast: Post-Sale Expectations, a Discussion with Bobby Martin
Podcast: Proper Documentation Is Necessary for a Good Exit, an Interview with Linda Nottingham
Podcast: Sticking to Your Principles Increases Your Success, an Interview with Rob Walling
Podcast: The Fallacy of Work-Life Balance, an Interview with Mike Rynchek
Podcast: Transitioning Business Wealth to Liquid Wealth
Podcast: Use an Exit to Revitalize Yourself with Troy Schuette
Podcast: Wealth Management Strategies for Entrepreneurs Who Sold Their Business
Podcast: What an Opportunity Zone Investment Can Do for You and Your Capital Gains, an Interview with Brian Forcier
Podcast: What Not Backing Down Can Cost You, an Interview with Michael Dash
Podcast: Why Buying Back Your Business Can Be a Good Move, an Interview with Rob Dube
Podcast: Why the Long Road Pays Out Better, an Interview with Ryan Moran
Post Deal - The Plan for the First 90 Days
The Four Main Reasons Acquisitions Fail
Turning Over a New Leaf: Life After Selling Your Business
What Role Does Your Brand Play in a Successful M&A?
What to Expect After Closing a Private Equity Deal (Part 1)
What to Expect After Closing a Private Equity Deal (Part 2)
What to Expect After Closing a Private Equity Deal (Part 3)


10 Options to Exit Your Business: Transfer and Liquidity Alternatives
10 Ways to Attract Private Equity
3 Keys to Success for Your Management Buyout
3 Principles Successful M&A Deals Have in Common
5 Criteria to Consider Before Choosing the Right Investment Banker
5 Essential Steps to Ensure Due Diligence in Private Company Acquisitions
5 Online Strategies For Private Equity to Improve and Increase Deal Flow
5 Tall Tales Entrepreneurs Tell to Bolster Business Value
5 Tips for Succession Planning
7 Fundamentals to Due Diligence You Need to Know
9 Critical Areas for Effective Due Diligence
A Guide to Merger and Acquisition Designations
A Summary of M&A Fees for Sell-Side Transactions
Acquiring? Consider these Risk and Complexity Categories as Evaluation Tools
Advanced Planning Is Needed to Position a Business for Optimum Sale Value
All Companies Need to Look at Succession Planning
Anatomy of a Letter of Intent
Ask an Expert: 5 Questions on Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
Avoid These Four Mid-Market Deal Killers
Avoiding the Biggest Deal Killer: Time
Avoiding the Exclusive Negotiations Trap
Beyond Valuation: Factors Sellers Weigh in an M&A Deal
Business Owners Beware of the Unsolicited Offer
Business Succession: Is an MBO or Employee Share Ownership Plan Right for You?
Choosing Between Strategic Buyers or Private Equity
Choosing the Right M&A Attorney When Selling Your Mid Market Business
Common Tax Strategies for Mid-Market Deals
Customer Communication in Mergers and Acquisitions
Deal Flow Options and the Single Family Office Investor
Deal Structures Through the Eyes of an Acquirer
Dealing with Working Capital in a Divestiture
Determining Benchmark Working Capital in a Business Acquisition
Diversifying Without Selling Your Business
Earnouts or Burnouts: Don't Get Burned on an Earnout
Earnouts: The Double-Edged Sword for Sellers
Establishing Deadlines in Your M&A Deal
Everything You Wanted to Know About Reps and Warranties (But Were Afraid to Ask)
Excerpt: 'Moving On: Getting the Most from the Sale of Your Small Business'
Experience Trumps Smarts in the Sale of Your Information Technology Company
Finding the Right Investment Bank to Sell Your Business
Flirting with a Single Buyer for Your Business
Forewarning on Proprietary Deals
Forget About Business Value. What Are My Net Cash Proceeds?!
Getting Ready to Sell: Advice from the Experts
Hiring an M&A Advisor: What's the Value?
How a Letter of Intent to Buy Your Company Is Like an Apartment Lease
How Do I Evaluate My Company as a Platform?
How Do Independent Sponsors Differ from Traditional Private Equity Buyers?
How Middle Market Business Acquisitions Are Financed
How Targeted Should Your Sale Process Be?
How Technology is Changing the Deal-Making Process
How the Best M&A Advisors Deliver
How to Avoid Lowball Offers When Selling Your Company
How to Check an Investment Banker’s References
How to Retain Key Employees During a Sale Process
How to Sell Your Company and the Alchemy of Finding Your Special Sauce
If You're Selling Your Company, Don't Get Sandbagged
In a Business Sale, the Buyer Has the Upper Hand (Part 1)
In a Business Sale, the Buyer Has the Upper Hand (Part 2)
In a Business Sale, the Buyer Has the Upper Hand (Part 3)
Increase Your Company Debt? Why Not, It May Be an Option to Selling
Integration Pacing in Mergers and Acquisitions: Rip the M&A Band-Aid off Fast
Investment Bankers Aren't Magicians
Investment Bankers: No, We're Not Villains
Is Vendor Financing Necessary in a Business Sale?
Issues to Consider Before Signing an LOI
It's a Sellers' Market for Private Companies
Key Factors in Executing a Management Buyout
Key Negotiation Tactics for Your M&A Transaction
Know Your Buyer
Letter of Intent: Examining 3 Different Drafting Styles
Letting the Market Bridge the Valuation Gap
Like Rodney Dangerfield, Earnouts Just Don't Get Any Respect
Maintaining Confidentiality Versus Maximizing Price
Maintaining Confidentiality When Selling a Mid-Market Business
Making Sense of Private Market M&A Advisory Fees
Maximize Your Selling Price by Finding the Right Buyers
Minimizing Inevitable Risks in the Sale Process
Misconceptions & Realities When Hiring an Investment Banker (Part 1: 'Knowing' Buyers)
Misconceptions & Realities When Hiring an Investment Banker (Part 2: Industry Experience)
Misconceptions & Realities When Hiring an Investment Banker (Part 3: Magic Words)
Misconceptions & Realities When Hiring an Investment Banker (Part 4: The 'Ask Price')
Misconceptions & Realities When Hiring an Investment Banker (Part 5: Like a Realtor)
Negotiating Working Capital Levels in a Business Sale
No Exit Plan, But Need to Sell
Options for Business Real Estate When Selling a Company
Overview of Private Equity for Entrepreneurs
Pitfalls Around Earnouts (and Why They Rarely Payout)
Pitfalls to Watch for in Professional Practice Mergers & Acquisitions
Podcast: Advice from a Real Entrepreneur on Selling a Business
Podcast: Are You a Business Family or a Family Business? With Wayne Rivers
Podcast: Biggest Lessons Learned From Selling My Business
Podcast: Building a Culture of Accountability Is Vital to Family Business Success, an Interview with John Garuti
Podcast: Business Financing Talk with 'the SBA Guy', John Thwing
Podcast: Buying and Selling Restaurants: How to Make a Profit. An Interview With Mattie O'Reilly.
Podcast: Creating a Positive Distance Between Yourself and Your Business, an Interview with Tom Heller
Podcast: Emotional Intelligence as a Negotiation Tactic, Interview with Chris Voss
Podcast: ESOPs Work for Both the Buy-Side and the Sell-Side - Find Out How. An Interview with Daniel Goldstein
Podcast: Every Business Should Be Sold, an Interview with Tom Deans
Podcast: Growth and Exit Planning Are Two Sides of the Same Coin, an Interview with Ryan Tansom
Podcast: Have You Ever Considered an IPO as an Exit Strategy? Interview with Cathy Demers
Podcast: How Great Entrepreneurs Exit Their Companies on Top. Interview with Bo Burlingham
Podcast: How to Buy and Sell an Online Business
Podcast: How to Choose the Right Private Equity Partner
Podcast: How to Cross the M&A Bridge, an Interview with Hagen Rogers
Podcast: How to Grow and Exit a Company You Find on Craigslist, an Interview with Colin Engstrom
Podcast: Inside Scoop on Financing and Structuring the Deal the Right Way, an Interview with Matt Boettner
Podcast: Insight into the Sales Process from an Investment Banker, an Interview with Mark Jordan
Podcast: Micro Private Equity: The Art of Acquiring Small Businesses
Podcast: Part One of Selling to Private Equity, with Bobby Kingsbury
Podcast: Part Two of Selling to Private Equity, an Interview with Seller and Client
Podcast: Plan for Your Most Impressive Deal Yet - Your Exit, an Interview with Vicky Raport
Podcast: Private Equity Basics For Mid-Market Entrepreneurs
Podcast: Save 80% in Taxes When You Sell Your Business, an Interview with Todd Ganos
Podcast: Shotgun Clause Exit and How to Get the Terms You Want, an Interview with Michael Kaplan
Podcast: Social Causes Can Make Strong Businesses as well as Effect Change, Interview with Erin Weed
Podcast: Stephanie Breedlove Shares Real Numbers and Tips from Selling Her Business in this Interview
Podcast: Successful Exits Require Planning with John Brown
Podcast: The Entrepreneurial Journey, an Interview with Kelly Caldwell
Podcast: The Four Best Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs, an Interview with Arlin Sorensen
Podcast: The Importance of Pivoting in Business, an Interview with Ryan Born
Podcast: The Real Deal on Succession Planning, an Interview with Carrie Hall and James Bly
Podcast: What Happens When You Miss 'Your' Exit? Interview with Tim Hall
Podcast: What Philanthropy Can Do for You and Your Business at Time of Sale, an Interview with Luther Ranheim
Podcast: What to Focus on When Selling Your Company, an Interview with Bill Casey
Podcast: Why You Should Sell Your Company at Its Peak, an Interview with Sabina Teshler
Preconceived Notions Can Be Deal Killers
Preventing Seller’s Remorse in a Mid-Market Deal
Private Equity Firms: Are They a Good Fit for Your Business?
Private Equity Groups Can Recognize Strategic Value in a Tech Company Acquisition
Private Equity Recapitalization: Sell Your Business Twice!
Private Equity Search Funds: Look No Further
Re-Trade and Best Practices to Avoid Them
Selling Enterprise Software - Maybe Selling Your Company Is the Best Strategy
Selling Your Business: What Sale Process Is Best?
Seven Paradoxes of Middle Market M&A
Seven Questions for Highly Effective Business Transitions
Should You Hire a Sell-Side Advisor or Do it Yourself?
So You Received a Letter of Intent, Now What?
Stick to Your Guns When Selling Your Business
Technological Advancement of the Confidential Information Memorandum
The #1 Cause of Middle Market M&A Deal Failures
The 10 Things Your Business Broker Must Do to Earn Their Fee - Revisited
The ABCs of Earnouts
The Basics of Mezzanine Financing
The Benefits of Effective Due Diligence for Investors and Business Owners
The Exclusive Negotiations Fallacy
The Investment Banking Landscape: Different Types of M&A Firms
The Next Generation of Deal Making: M&A Technology in 2021
The One Secret Ingredient For a Successful Exit
The Value of Investment Bankers: Business Owners’ Perspective
The Window of Vulnerability in an M&A Transaction
There Are Lots of Buyers. That's Great, Right?
Three Ways to Sell a Company
Top 10 Buzzwords to Use When Talking to Private Equity
Top Excuses Owners Use to Avoid Exit Planning
Using Representations and Warranties Insurance in Mid-Market M&A Deals
What Can a Private Equity Investor Control in a Deal?
What CEOs Wish They'd Known Before Hiring an Investment Banker
What Is a Letter of Intent and Why Do You Need One?
What Is a Platform Acquisition?
What Is a Private Equity Firm?
What is an Acceptable Range of Deferred Payment in a Business Sale?
When Should You Sign a Letter of Intent?
Where Does the M&A Advisor Add Value?
Who Is the Right Buyer for Your Business?
Who Will Pay More for My Company - A Strategic or Financial Buyer?
Why Do Deals Fall Apart? - A Private Equity Perspective (Part 2)
Why Do Deals Fall Apart? - An Advisor's Perspective (Part 3)
Why Do Deals Fall Apart? A Private Equity Perspective
Why Should I Retain an Investment Banker to Sell My Business?
Why the Next 180 Days Are Significant When Preparing to Sell Your Business
Why Your M&A Advisor Should Use Online Deal Sourcing


3 Simple Ways to Start an Exit Plan in 2021
3 Tips on Avoiding Deal Fatigue in an Unsolicited Approach Scenario
4 Steps to Partnering with a Private Equity Firm
5 Core Tenets of Exit Planning
5 Reasons Why You’re Not Creating an Exit Plan for Your Business
5 Things Running Taught Me About Building a Valuable Business
5 Ways to Manage Unsolicited Approaches from Business Buyers
6 Things to Consider for Your Post-Divestment Life
Acquisition Strategy Success Points
An Estate Freeze Is Only the Tip of the Iceberg in Succession Planning
Build Your Recurring Revenue Before You Sell Your Software Company
Choosing a Success(ion) Team to Sell Your Business
Choosing Between a Financial and Strategic Buyer
Confronting Yourself: The Emotional Journey of Selling Your Business
Consider These Issues When Evaluating ESOPs
Considerations for Management Teams in Private Equity Buyouts
Constructing a Buyer List and Finding the Right Buyer for Your Company
Do Advisory Boards Increase Business Value?
Does It Have to Be 'Shirtsleeves-to-Shirtsleeves?'
Does Your CEO Successor Have the Right Stuff?
Envision, Plan and Implement Your Business Transition
Exits Are Inevitable; Failure Is Not
Find a Family Successor for Your Business
Good Companies Don't Get Sold, They Get Bought
Growing Your Business in Preparation for a Sale
Hitting a Home Run When Exiting Your Business
How an MBO Can Be the Right Solution When Planning Your Exit
How Selling to Private Equity Worked for Me
How to Find the Ever Elusive Proprietary Deal
How to Perform a Successful Competitor Analysis (and Use it to Your Advantage) to Maximize Value
How to Structure the Right Investment Banking Engagement Letter
How Will You Find the Best Advisor to Sell Your Business?
Involving Your Management Team in a Business Sale
Is the Time Approaching to Sell Your Business?
Is Your Management Team the Right Exit Channel for You?
Key Concepts for Successful Deals
Kids Taking Over the Business? 8 Things to Consider
Lessons Learned from Negative Buyer Feedback
Neutralizing the Due Diligence Grind
No Plan for a Succession Plan?
One Chance to Get It Right - Part 1 of 2
One Chance to Get It Right - Part 2 of 2
Podcast: 10 Impediments to Maximizing Exit Opportunities
Podcast: 3 Things Any Owner Can Do Now to Prepare for an Exit
Podcast: A Guide to Building Family Legacy and Wealth
Podcast: A Guide to Family Business Transitions
Podcast: A Serial Entrepreneur's Guide to Building and Selling a Business
Podcast: Achieving Financial Freedom, from Start to Finish. An Interview with Marcelo De Fuentes
Podcast: After Helping 500,000 Entrepreneurs, Jay Turo Has Advice for You
Podcast: Business Partner Dynamics' Impact on M&A, an Interview with Corey Northcutt
Podcast: Expensive Mistakes When Selling a Business
Podcast: Finding Your Purpose in Life and Business, an Interview with Kevin McCarthy
Podcast: Have Business Partners? Understand Buy-Sell Agreements
Podcast: How a Startup Managed the Sales Process to GoDaddy, an Interview with Alex McClafferty
Podcast: How Much Money Do You Need From an Exit to Be Financially Secure?
Podcast: How to Build a Sellable Business - An Interview With John Warrillow
Podcast: How to Get Your Online Business Ready for Sale, an Interview with Thomas Smale
Podcast: How to Uncover and Fix Your Value Gap, an Interview with Brandon Wood
Podcast: I've Helped Sell Over 100 Businesses; Here's My Advice
Podcast: Interview with Bruce C. Rosetto, Entrepreneur-Turned-Counselor to Entrepreneurs
Podcast: Interview with Warland Griffith, Preparing for the Sale of Your Business
Podcast: Managing Family Dynamics in Business Succession Planning
Podcast: Preserving Life Stories for Family Businesses
Podcast: Purposefully Planning the Exit from Your Business
Podcast: Skills Needed for Successful Family Wealth Transfer
Podcast: Strategies for Managing Wealth in Your Private Business
Podcast: The Best Way to Defer Taxes When Selling Your Business. Interview with Brian Forcier
Podcast: The Exit Planning Event of the Year
Podcast: The Importance of Business Continuity Planning
Podcast: Think Twice Before Involving Your Kids in the Family Business
Podcast: Why Don't Business Owners Embrace Exit Planning?
Position Your Business for the Exit
Positioning a Business for a Merger or Acquisition (Part 1)
Positioning a Business for a Merger or Acquisition (Part 2)
Positioning a Business for a Merger or Acquisition (Part 3)
Prepare Early to Close Faster (and Better!)
Private Equity Deal Sourcing Strategies in 2023
Questions and Answers with John K. Paglia, Ph.D. - A Divestopedia Exclusive
Ready to Sell Your Business? Prepare Yourself Emotionally First
Seller Beware! Top 12 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Business
Selling a Private Company - Preparing for the Sale
Solving Exit Strategy Issues to Maximize Profit
Stats Show Entrepreneurs Great at Building Wealth, Awful at Monetization
Succession Planning: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Surprises to Watch Out for When Selling a Business
The #1 Reason Business Sellers Leave Chips on the Table
The Big Risk: Waiting Versus Selling Your Business Now
The C-Level Executive's Rising Role in Exit Planning
The Fifth Ingredient to a Successful Exit - Net Proceeds Analysis
The First Ingredient to a Successful Exit: Defining Goals
The Four Stages of an Exit
The Fourth Ingredient to a Successful Exit - Exit Options
The Initial Price May Not Be Real
The Role of Strategic Planning in Building Business Value
The Second Ingredient to a Successful Exit - Financial Needs
The Sixth Ingredient to a Successful Exit - The Action Plan
The Third Ingredient to a Successful Exit - Valuation
The Top 11 Reasons a Buyer Will Pay a Premium for Your Company
Timing an Exit
To Grow or Sell Your IT Company - A Crossroads Decision
To Sell Your Business, Start With the End in Mind
Trust Advisory Committees for Succession Planning
Understanding Return on Equity for Privately Owned Businesses
Value is in the Eye of the Beholder
Venture Capital Alternative for the IT Entrepreneur
Video: Exit Options for Business Owners Who Are Thinking of Selling
Want to Increase the Value of Your Business by up to 71 Percent?
When Deciding to Sell, Prepare for Disappearing Owner Perks
When is the Best Time to Sell a Business?
When is the Best Time to Sell My Business?
Why A Major Corporation Would Buy Your Local Business
Why Retiring Business Owners Balk at the Idea of Selling Their Company
Why Would a Buyer Require an Environmental Assessment?
You Only Get What You Negotiate!


A Brick-and-Mortar Business Broker’s Intro to Ecommerce and SAAS


How I Sold My Business: My $20 Million Sale to Intuit
How I Sold My Business: The Painful Process of Negotiation
How I Sold My Business: The Personal Touch Approach




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