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Sale Process

Definition - What does Sale Process mean?

A sale process is conducted by a business broker or investment banker when they are engaged in a sell-side assignment. The sales process is a systematic approach to selling a business, and its primary purpose is to find the most effective way to meet the pre-determined objectives of the seller.

The following types of sale processes can be employed depending on the objectives of the seller:

  • Full auction process - approaching all potential buyers in the market;
  • Limited competitive auction process - approaching a few logical best buyers; and
  • Negotiated sale process - negotiating a transaction with only one party.

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Divestopedia explains Sale Process

A company owner must weigh the following objectives when determining which sale process is most appropriate:

  • Keeping the sale of the business confidential from competitors, customers and employees;
  • Maximizing the potential sale proceeds; and
  • Finding the right buyers for the business.
Regardless of which type of sale process is conducted, the following stages are typically executed:
  • Analyze and value the company - set the price expectations and understand the seller's objectives;
  • Develop the marketing material - prepare a confidential information memorandum and a list of potential buyers;
  • Approach potential buyers - manage the flow of information and qualify the buyers. In a full or limited competitive auction, creating competitive bidding is essential;
  • Evaluate offers - assess each buyers' price, structure, conditions and financial capability to close the transaction; and
  • Execute the transaction - manage the due diligence and finalization of a purchase and sale agreement.

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