valuation, value to owner

There are lots of valuation methods out there, but is any one of them the right fit for you? Here are some options you may not know about as a business owner.

goodwill, intangible asset

Never underestimate the value of goodwill. Learn how goodwill can have a positive impact on your business valuation and also on your bottom line.

emotional aspects, exit planning

The emotions involved in selling a business are diverse and complicated. Don't underestimate them! This podcast with Laura Rich will help you realize you're not alone...

Ask an Expert: 5 Questions on Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

Ever heard of NDAs? If you are looking to sell or buy a business, you may be required to sign one. Learn more about these agreements here before you sign.

business broker, investment banker

Planning is required if you're going to position your business for a successful sale. With surprisingly little pain and effort on your side, you can start positioning...

private equity, private equity recap

Private equity recapitalizations are often not well understood. Mike O'Neil shares his company's take on them and how they work for the seller. Is a private equity recap...

cash flow, value

Pulling from some music industry greats of our time, here are great lyrical insights on increasing your valuation and successfully selling your business.

strategic buyer, financial buyer

What exit option is better for you, a financial or strategic buyer? This short article shares Stephen Shaw's key takeaways from his white paper on the subject.

exit planning, entrepreneur

Planning for the sale of your business is great, but to make it a valuable target, you may have to change course multiple times before you get acquired. Wire Image's...

Add Value to Your Business with Systems and Brand

An outside buyer will see your company as a less risky, more appealing acquisition if they can see how it would run without you, the owner. This article will show you...

succession planning, contingency plan, exit plan

What would happen if you couldn't show up for work anymore? Would your business survive?

invest, M&A, entrepreneur

Branching out from your comfort zone can be a very good thing, if you know what to look for. Jeff Smith shares his cross-industry entrepreneurial expertise and...

3 Principles Successful M&A Deals Have in Common

Every deal has its own unique challenges, but just about every successful deal has three key elements in common. Find out what they are here.

5 Tall Tales Entrepreneurs Tell to Bolster Business Value

Business owners come up with all kinds of stories to support an unrealistically high value for their business. The problem is, most of these tales are pure fantasy.

investing, IPO

Public and private companies are valued differently by the types of buyers who want to acquire them. Take some lessons from Roger Sippl of Informix who went through...


What are the best methods to find buyers for a business?

I am of the opinion that in order to maximize value in the sale of a mid-market business, a widely-marketed sale process should be conducted. This means getting a...

When is the best time of year to sell a business?

There are plenty of articles answering the question: how long does it take to sell a business? The typical response is that it takes about 8 to 12 months to...

What should I look for with non-cash consideration?

Receiving consideration other than cash is not uncommon. In fact, it is very rare that vendors receive all cash for their business. Different forms of non-cash...

What's the difference between growth capex, maintenance capex and internally financed capex?

There are generally two reasons companies spend money on capital expenditures (capex): to grow the business, and to maintain the business. Once a company determines it...

What are typical fee structures for portfolio companies by private equity groups?

A private equity group has a lot of flexibility typically in how they collect fees or harvest value from a company in which they are invested. The form and structure of...