Successful exit from business: A neon sign reads The Journey is On

The secret ingredient to a successful exit from your business isn't a's knowledge! Learn as much as you can to ensure you divest with success.

Goodwill for business

Goodwill encompasses the intangible assets of your business. It is an important part of your business's value, but you don't want to overestimate.

Exit planning and divestment

Divestment expert John Carvalho discusses exit options for business owners in this video. Here's how to manage expectations and make the best choice.

Business Finance, accounting, contract, advisor investment consulting marketing plan

How are add-backs used to normalize EBITDAC as the basis for valuation? Learn here.

Selling Your Business new leaf

Are you selling your business? Is your network on board? Are you ready? And what comes next? Find out what you need to do to properly prepare yourself for this

Investment banker working new business project finance investment at coffee cafe

Do buisness owners value the work of an investment banker? This first comprehensive study quantifying their value explores what business owners truly think.

denny-muller-oak tree-unsplash

Building wealth doesn't just mean accumulating money. Learn what you can do now to start preparing for your transition to the rest of your life.

Close up of a hands of a businessman on a keyboard and letter of intent

Learn more about the three categories (binding, non-binding and hybrids) when drafting a letter of intent.

dollar crop valuation intangible capital

No matter what your profession, no matter what your company does, no matter what your life situation may be — we all follow this fundamental and deeply rooted...

Businessman draw growth graph and progress of business and analyzing financial and investment data ,business planning and strategy on blue background.

Today, most business enterprise do not have the information and monitoring tolls required for the effective management of intangible assets.

sale process Selling at auction, a group of people offer their bets

If you've ever thought about selling your business, you've probably thought about how you should do that. Do you sell to your biggest competitor? To investors? Here are...

Businesss collaborations concept sales process

With significant pros and cons to both a narrow and a broad sale process, how do you determine the right number of buyers to approach?

Valuation excel spreadsheet on laptop screen

Determining the value of your business is the starting point to building value. Here’s how to set up a simple valuation template in excel.

concepts for high profits for business valuation and financial funds

The best valuations cover all the basis. Are you getting the best? Find out what nuances are often overlooked in a business valuation and take steps today to a

Cash Forecast Excel Tool: In Tough Times, Cash is King

In the hopes of helping business owners through these tough circumstances, we have built a weekly cash flow tool in excel. We'll walk you through the steps and thought...


mergers and acquisitions

100%. It's a case where that perception could be altered a little bit. Take the deal marketing example you mentioned. Oftentimes the investment bankers are...

mergers and acquisitions

I think one of the hesitations may be any change to existing, or more traditional, processes. There's general trepidation amongst M&A practitioners to fix...

Business man investor handshake with global network link connection and graph

I think it's two things. So, you’ve got the sale-side and the buy-side. Two sides of the same coin with the M&A process. On the sale-side, we’re...

Business woman study financial market to calculate possible risks and profits.

It’s hard to pick just one area, but I think, first and foremost, it comes down to speed, so in this environment — which remains competitive for attractive...

Small metal unbalanced scales depicting valuation uncertainty

Note: This content originally appeared in T/A Economics and has been published here with permission.The International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) provided insight...