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Reverse Termination Fee

A reverse termination fee is certain amount of money that an acquiring entity pays a target entity when the deal is not completed. The objective of this fee is to give some measure of confidence in the... (Read on)

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Private equity groups have a broad range of interests based on their investment strategy and the mandates they have been given by their investors of which types of businesses to... (Read on)
Avoid These Four Mid-Market Deal Killers

Few experiences in business are more harrowing than having a deal to sell your company fall apart. While the ups and downs of a deal are inevitable, having your transaction get permanently derailed is not. 
Preventing Seller’s Remorse in a Mid-Market Deal

How to prevent seller’s remorse and leave your business feeling positive about the process. 
The Window of Vulnerability in an M&A Transaction

In every sale transaction, there is a “window of vulnerability” for the seller that starts with the initiation of sale discussions with a potential buyer and ends with the closing of the sale. Three key risks present themselves during this window. 
The Four Stages of an Exit

Excerpts from the book Finish Big: How Great Entrepreneurs Exit Their Companies on Top. Penguin Publishing Group. 
Making Business Valuations Affordable, Accessible and Real-Time for the Middle Market

In the past, knowing the real-time value of your private businesses was impossible. BizEquity is changing that by democratizing business valuation for the Small and Midsize Business marketplace. 
How to Double the Value of Nearly Any Business

A framework for increasing the value of any business by transforming it into a thriving, turn-key operation. 
Choosing the Right M&A Attorney When Selling Your Mid Market Business

A common sense approach for CEOs to follow when selecting the right M&A attorney for their deal. 
Confronting Yourself: The Emotional Journey of Selling Your Business

For many entrepreneurs, the hardest part of selling their business is wrestling with their own emotions. Here are some tips for successfully navigating a sale. 
Protecting Confidential Information in an M&A Deal

The average cost of a data breach is $3.8 million globally. Are you doing enough to protect confidential corporate information during your M&A deal? 
Build and Exit a Billion Dollar Business

Many entrepreneurs dream of building and exiting a billion dollar business. Learn how to from Terry Freeman, an entrepreneur who has done it before. 
Maintaining Confidentiality When Selling a Mid-Market Business

One of the biggest fears when sell a business is breach of confidentiality. You never want your employees, customers or competitors to know before the time is right. Here are four tactics to manage confidentiality in a mid-market business sale. 
Private Equity Basics For Mid-Market Entrepreneurs

Private equity buyers can be a great exit option for many middle market business owners. In this podcast, learn the basics of private equity and how to attract investment from these groups. 
The Single Most Important Lever Driving Corporate Value

There are many drivers that can increase the value of a business, but one is more important than any other. 
Why Your M&A Advisor Should Use Online Deal Sourcing

There are some common objections about online deal sourcing, but it is an important tool for completing middle market M&A transactions. Here we debunk the three most common objections to online platforms. 

A summary of the general requirements for developing a business valuation as per the American Society of Appraisers. 
Establishing Deadlines in Your M&A Deal

The difference between a goal and a dream is that a goal has a deadline. The same can be said about the difference between a deal in principle and a “done deal”. 
Micro Private Equity: The Art of Acquiring Small Businesses

Learn about the opportunities present in micro private equity. Deal structuring will be an important skill for young entrepreneurs looking to acquire businesses and those owners seeking an exit. 
The Importance of Business Continuity Planning

What if you died and your spouse just inherited your business. What should they do with it? Learn more about business continuity planning in cases of unforeseen events. 
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Stalking Horse Bidder

A stalking horse bidder is an entity that a distressed company chooses to make the first bid when selling one or more of its assets in an auction type process. This... Read more 

White Squire

A white squire is an investor who buys stakes in a company in the best interest of that company, usually with the intent to prevent a hostile takeover of that... Read more 

Bought Deal

A bought deal is a type of financial agreement where the investment banker handling the initial public offering (IPO) of a company agrees to buy the entire IPO for... Read more 

Net Debt

Net debt is the total debt of an organization minus cash and cash equivalents. It is the excess of cash and cash equivalents over the total debts of the entity... Read more 

Mezzanine Fund

A mezzanine fund is a pool of capital that invests in mezzanine debt opportunities such as capital for organic growth, acquisitions, recapitalizations or management... Read more 
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