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From investment bankers, business valuators and brokers to entrepreneurs themselves, our team of expert contributors offer a wide range of experience across the M&A spectrum

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The world of divestment can be a complicated place. These experts work in the field, sharing their career expertise with Divestopedia in order to help you find the clarity you need to make the most of your business exit.

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George D. Abraham


George D. Abraham is the president of Business Evaluation Systems. He has sold over 450 businesses and has appraised over 9,000 companies both…

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Business Valuation: An Analysis of Risk
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Paris Aden


Paris Aden is the founding Partner of Valitas Capital Partners. Since 1994, he has been involved with more than 100 M&A transactions with an…

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Neutralizing the Due Diligence Grind
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Craig Allsopp


Craig O. Allsopp is an investment banker with Corporate Finance Associates, a full-service mergers and acquisitions firm with an office in Portland,…

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Three Ways to Sell a Company
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Darrell Arne


Darrell Arne is the President of Arne & Co., which he founded in 1994 began specializing in business valuations and mergers acquisitions. He is a…

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Hitting a Home Run When Exiting Your Business
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Jey Arul


Jey Arul is the President of VR Business Sales in Edmonton, Alberta. VR is a business brokerage firm that assist entrepreneurs and business owners…

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The ABCs of Earnouts
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John Bova


John Bova supports CohnReznick’s private equity and venture capital practice in a business development and strategy capacity on a national basis.…

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Business Development Is Vital to Success
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Matthew Bristow


Matthew co-founded ClearRidge with Bruce Jones and has a range of banking experience from London, England. Prior to moving to the US and…

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When Should You Sign a Letter of Intent?
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Chad Byers


Chad is the Founder and Managing Partner of Symmetrical Investments, LLC. He has over a decade of experience advising on or investing in over 100…

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Should You Hire a Sell-Side Advisor or Do it Yourself?
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Ian Campbell


Ian R. Campbell, FCPA, FCA, FCBV is the president of Business Transition Counsel Inc. and the author of 50 Hurdles: Business Transition…

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The Single Most Important Lever Driving Corporate Value
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Perry Campbell


K. Perry Campbell, Ph.D., CM&AA is a Principal at ACT Capital Advisors, LLC and serves on the board of the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition…

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Timeless Value Trends for Mid-Sized Businesses
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Michael Carter


Michael Carter was the founding principal of Carter Morse & Goodrich where he serves as Managing Partner. He has been on the financial side of…

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Re-Trade and Best Practices to Avoid Them
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Matt Heinz and Charles Fogden


Matthew is National Practice Leader and a Managing Director of Transaction Liability Solutions at Aon Strategic Advisors and Transaction Solutions…

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Using Representations and Warranties Insurance in Mid-Market M&A Deals
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Brad Cherniak


Brad Cherniak is Co-Founder and Partner of Sapient Capital Partners, a Toronto-based advisory firm which has worked with small- to medium-sized…

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All Companies Need to Look at Succession Planning
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Alan Chettiar


Alan Chettiar leads FirePower Capital’s Investment Banking team in all its engagements and sets its strategic direction. He brings over a…

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Preconceived Notions Can Be Deal Killers
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Ben Collins

Director of Product Marketing and Strategy

Director of Product Marketing and Strategy at Intralinks.

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Adam Croft


Adam has been a lead advisor in the UK for M&A for over 10 years. His insights and advice come from a successful history of the due diligence…

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The Value of a Valuation
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Jarrett Davidson


Jarrett Davidson is the principal and co-founder of Score Capital Partners Inc. He is an experienced corporate finance professional who has advised…

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Turning Over a New Leaf: Life After Selling Your Business
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George Deeb


George has a passion for start-ups and formalized his consulting efforts as the Founder and Managing Partner of Red Rocket in 2010. George has…

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Pitfalls Around Earnouts (and Why They Rarely Payout)
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Yiannis Empeoglou


Yiannis is a Greek M&A advisor who holds the coveted Certified Business Intermediary title. His over 25 years of expertise in the financial services…

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The Reasonable Payback Period for an Investment in a Small- or Medium-sized Business
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Puneet Gandhi

Financial Advisor

Puneet is a strategic financial adviser with 10 years of experience across investment banking (Goldman Sachs and UBS), equity research (an equity…

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Challenging How We Think of EBITDA
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Jamie Grant


Jamie Grant is the Co-founder and Managing Director at Mirus Capital Advisors. He is responsible for negotiating, structuring, valuing and closing…

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Establishing Deadlines in Your M&A Deal
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Stephen Groves


Stephen Groves is an experienced and sought after mid-market M&A advisor based in Sydney, Australia. Stephen is recognized as a respected…

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Key Negotiation Tactics for Your M&A Transaction
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Erick Hamdan


Erick works with business owners, investors, and private equity firms looking to create value and maximize their returns on exit. Working as adviser,…

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Intrinsic Value per Share and the Roadmap to Measurable Value Creation
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Brandon Hinkle


Brandon Hinkle is the Vice President at Kovitz Private Holdings, LLC, a private equity holding company. Brandon joined Kovitz Private Holdings, LLC…

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Exit Planning Institute


The Exit Planning Institute, provides Financial Advisors, Accountants, Consultants, and other advisors of business owners with the crucial education…

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What Your M&A Transaction is Missing: How to Humanize the Transaction
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Howard E. Johnson


Howard is a Managing Director of Veracap M&A International Inc. and Campbell Valuation Partners Limited. He has helped numerous business owners…

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Selling a Private Company – Preparing for the Sale
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Dave Kauppi


Dave Kauppi is a Merger and Acquisition Advisor with MidMarket Capital, Inc. Dave is based out of the greater Chicago area and specializes in…

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Lessons Learned from Negative Buyer Feedback
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Jack Kearney

Managing Director

Jack Kearney is the Managing Director of Investment Banking at Dumas Capital Partners, a boutique investment merchant bank that provides…

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Choosing Between Strategic Buyers or Private Equity
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John Lawson


John has three designations: CFP, CEPA and CIM. An entrepreneur at heart, John ventured into the business world by owning, building and managing a…

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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: What’s Your Contingency Plan?
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Clinton Lee


Clinton is the founder of The Exit Firm, a UK M&A consultancy that advises business owners on their exit options and connects them with the right…

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Investors’ Decision Making Process & Why You Should Know it Before Going to Market
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Heather Madland


Heather is the Vice President of Business Development at Huron Capital Partners. Huron Capital Partners is an operationally-focused private equity…

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Tying the Knot: Getting to ‘I Do’ with the Right Private Equity Partner
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Kenneth H. Marks


Mr. Marks is the founder and Managing Partner of High Rock Partners, Inc. He is the lead author of Middle Market M&A: Handbook of Investment…

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10 Options to Exit Your Business: Transfer and Liquidity Alternatives
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Brian Mazar, MBA, CBI


Brian is the Managing Director/CEO of American Fortune LLC, a business sales and acquisitions advisory firm based in Louisville, Kentucky.…

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How to Achieve Successful Mergers and Acquisitions
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Mike McCarron


Award-winning writer, Mike McCarron, was one of the founders of MSM Transportation before it was purchased in 2012. Based in Toronto, Mike is…

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Surprises to Watch Out for When Selling a Business
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Brad Mewes


Brad Mewes is the founder of Supplement!, a strategic, financial and M&A advisory firm specializing in the automotive aftermarket industry worldwide.…

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What Is a Platform Acquisition?
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Tammie Miller


Tammie Miller is the Managing Director of TKO Miller. She brings over 20 years of investment banking experience into her transaction advice and is…

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Crazy M&A Myths You Need to Stop Believing Now
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Ron Nakamoto


Ron Nakamoto is the CEO of Empowered Wealth Partners and a major contributor to Empowered Wealth group of companies. He was one of the founding…

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6 Things to Consider for Your Post-Divestment Life
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Josh Patrick


For the past 15 years Josh Patrick has owned and operated a wealth management business, Stage 2 Planning Partners, that focuses on the strategic…

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Podcast: 6 Key Components of the Entrepreneurial Operating System
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Jock Purtle


Jock Purtle is the owner of digitalexits.com, a full service website brokerage. They help online business owners find a buyer when they want to exit…

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How to Sell Your Online Business for Maximum Value
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Cindy Radu


As a designated Family Enterprise Advisor, Cindy helps individuals, family enterprises, business owners and family offices navigate the complexities…

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Does It Have to Be ‘Shirtsleeves-to-Shirtsleeves?’
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Kevin Ramsier


Kevin L. Ramsier is Managing Partner and CEO of Vesticor Advisors, a national mergers and acquisition advisory firm that helps business owners…

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A Closer Look at What Drives and Influences Business Valuations
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Chak Reddy


Chak is the chief M&A advisor and deal maker at Elite Mergers & Acquisitions Inc. Chak is a very experienced and knowledgeable professional,…

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The Myth of Fair Business Valuation: What Professional Valuations Don’t Tell You
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John Robinson


John Robinson is CEO of Strategic Succession. Using a proprietary process of pre-due diligence, he leads the business owners through a three-step…

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5 Reasons Why You’re Not Creating an Exit Plan for Your Business
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Noah Rosenfarb


Noah Rosenfarb, CPA/ABV/PFS has devoted his career to advising business owners on all things related to money. He is a Personal CFO and Holistic…

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Podcast: Have Business Partners? Understand Buy-Sell Agreements
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Michael Schwerdtfeger


Michael Schwerdtfeger is a managing director at Chapman Associates, a nationwide middle market mergers and acquisitions firm specializing in helping…

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Preventing Seller’s Remorse in a Mid-Market Deal
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Robert Sher


Robert Sher is founding principal of CEO to CEO, a consulting firm of former chief executives that improves the leadership infrastructure of …

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Customer Communication in Mergers and Acquisitions
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Andrew J. Sherman


Andrew J. Sherman is a Partner in the Corporate Department of Seyfarth Shaw LLP. Andrew focuses his practice on issues affecting business growth for…

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Letter of Intent: Examining 3 Different Drafting Styles
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Charles Smith


Charles Smith is the founder of Pegasus Intellectual Capital Solutions LLC, a boutique investment banking firm based in Chicago, Illinois that…

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To Sell Your Business, Start With the End in Mind
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Bill Snow


Bill has more than 27 years of business experience, over 15 years of transaction dealings (mainly middle market companies) and is the author of…

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Investment Bankers Aren’t Magicians
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Rose Stabler


Rose is President of Certified Business Brokers. She has 25 years of business experience from serving in management and consulting positions in the…

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How Goodwill Impacts Business Value
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Terry Stidham


Terry Stidham is a M&A Industry Expert that has served as the head of entrepreneurial organizations as well as Fortune 500 companies. His…

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What Is a Letter of Intent and Why Do You Need One?
Photo for barbara-taylor

Barbara Taylor


Barbara is the co-founder of Allan Taylor, a boutique M&A firm located in Northwest Arkansas. She began her entrepreneurial journey after moving…

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Mark Tepper

President/Founder/Wealth Advisor

Mark Tepper is President of Strategic Wealth Partners and one of its founding members. While he works with a variety of clients, Mark specializes in…

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Top Excuses Owners Use to Avoid Exit Planning
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Gregory Tobben


Greg Tobben is a partner and co-founder of Access Capital Partners, an investment bank exclusively focused on raising capital for independent sponsor…

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How Do Independent Sponsors Differ from Traditional Private Equity Buyers?
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Erik Twohig


Erik Twhohig is President of Sunbelt Business Brokers of London, and Sales Representative with Sunbelt Business Brokers Premium. Operating in…

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There Are Lots of Buyers. That’s Great, Right?
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Derek van der Plaat


Derek is a Managing Director at Veracap M&A International Inc.  He has over 20 years of corporate finance experience, both as an adviser…

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How Do I Attract a High Multiple for My Business? – The Sales Process
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Tim Vipond


Tim Vipond is co-founder of the Corporate Finance Institute, a leading provider of financial modeling and valuation courses and certifications…

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A Visual Framework for Business Valuation
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Stephen Williams


Steve Williams CExP™, CMAA, is Partner and founder of Incentica Advisory Group that focus on helping business owners grow and take advantage of…

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Building Enterprise Value With Strategic Planning
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Richard Wilson


Richard C. Wilson, CEO of the 83,000 member Family Office Club offering conferences, connections to families buying businesses, and a global family…

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Leasons to be Learn from Family Office Direct Investing Mistakes
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Paul Wormley

General Partner, Hadley Capital
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Scott Yoder


Scott Yoder, CEPA, CMAA, CPA (inactive) is a Partner with Strategic Equity Advisors, LLP (Smolin Lupin affiliate); a boutique merger and acquisition…

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5 Core Tenets of Exit Planning


All our contributors are passionate about divestments and helping you exit your business successfully. These enthusiasts are expert writers and researchers who tap into top sources and resources in order to bring you the information you need.

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Mary Adams


For nearly 30 years, I have helped business leaders conquer challenges such as growth, change, mergers and acquisitions. Along the way, I have lived…

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A Valuation Is Not Always the Best Way to Measure Value
Photo for business-acquisition-merger-associates

Business Acquisition & Merger Associates


BAMA represents companies that generate annual revenues between $5 million and $100 million. With a strong foothold in the Southeast, know that…

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Options for Business Real Estate When Selling a Company
Photo for alicia-hill

Alicia Hill


Alicia Hill is a web contributor who currently writes for Carter Capner Law. She mostly covers the topics of accounting, business planning and…

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7 Fundamentals to Due Diligence You Need to Know
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Allen Duck


Allen has over 20 years’ experience in business management in the USA and internationally, working for public companies in marketing and…

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What Is Your Financial Planning Practice Really Worth?
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Alan Statz


Al Statz is the founder and president of Exit Strategies Group, Inc., a California-based M&A brokerage and business valuation firm serving…

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Peter Alternative


Peter Alternative is a Partner at Mirus Capital Advisors. Peter brings over 15 years of experience advising middle market, technology-based…

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Avoid These Four Mid-Market Deal Killers
Photo for hans-centena

Hans Centena


Hans is an Analyst and a freelance Financial Journalist. He had been in the corporate world and worked for companies like Citibank N.A. and Thomson…

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Bill Gullan


As president of Finch Brands, Bill Gullan is one of the marketplace’s premier brand developers. A world-class speaker, writer and facilitator,…

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10 Brand Architecture Strategies After M&A
Photo for bill-millar

Bill Millar


Bill Millar is a freelance business writer, researcher, roundtable facilitator and speaker. Bill began his career as a Wall Street practitioner,…

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The Next Generation of Deal Making: M&A Technology in 2021
Photo for bo-burlingham

Bo Burlingham


Bo Burlingham is an editor-at-large of Inc. magazine and the author of five books,the most recent being Finish Big: How Great Entrepreneurs Exit…

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The Four Stages of an Exit
Photo for lba-certified-public-accountants

LB&A Certified Public Accountants


As one of the Top 25 CPA firms in the Charlotte region, LB&A, Certified Public Accountants creates excellent client experiences with business…

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Common Tax Strategies for Mid-Market Deals
Photo for bruce-peters

Bruce Peters


Bruce Peters is a Biz Talk Radio Host on WCEOhq Radio. WCEOhq Radio is a revolutionary series of business radio programs designed by and for the …

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Envision, Plan and Implement Your Business Transition
Photo for carmen-bianchi

Carmen Bianchi


Carmen Bianchi has been a Family Business Consultant since 1991. She is the founder and director of the EMC Business Forum at San Diego State…

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Find a Family Successor for Your Business
Photo for cory-janssen

Cory Janssen


Cory is the co-founder of Divestopedia.

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Post Deal – The Plan for the First 90 Days
Photo for andrew-crain

Andrew Crain


Andrew is a Partner at Mirus Capital Advisors. He is an accomplished investment banker with significant experience executing sell-side and buy-side…

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Maintaining Confidentiality When Selling a Mid-Market Business
Photo for capital-west-partners

Capital West Partners


Established in 1990, Capital West Partners is an independent corporate finance advisory firm, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. As M&A…

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How Targeted Should Your Sale Process Be?
Photo for don-lynd

Don Lynd


HoldenCAPITAL is a specialist construction finance group, recognized as a market leader through its successes in deal structuring and the sourcing of…

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Mezzanine Financing and Investing Explained
Photo for firmex-inc

Firmex Inc.


Firmex is a virtual data room (VDR) company headquartered in Toronto. Hundreds of thousands of deal professionals open over 10,000 new data rooms…

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Mid-Market Report: M&A Outlook for North America in 2016
Photo for grant-robinson

Grant Robinson


One of Canada’s leading family business transition planning specialists, Grant Robinson has provided business succession advice to Family…

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An Estate Freeze Is Only the Tip of the Iceberg in Succession Planning
Photo for gtorrenprivcap-com



Privcap is a digital media company that produces thought-leadership content for the global private capital market, as well as offers digital…

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Podcast: How Do Private Equity Firms Work With Operating Partners?
Photo for hope-malveaux

Hope Malveaux

CEO, Veaux Professional Services, LLC
Photo for chris-stavrou

Chris Stavrou


Chris Stavrou is a commercial development professional with a diverse background ranging from consulting to alternative investments and sponsored…

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Rewrite: Considerations for Management Teams in Private Equity Buyouts
Photo for ian-smith

Ian Smith


Ian is the author of Fulfilling the Potential of Your Business: Big Company Thinking for the Mighty Small Business, which won the Small Business Book…

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Simple Test to See if Your Business Will Attract a Premium Valuation
Photo for equicapita-income-lp

Equicapita Income LP


Equicapita's model is to acquire established, private small and medium sized enterprises (“SMEs”) located primarily in Western Canada. Equicapita…

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How Does Working Capital Impact the Value of Your Business?
Photo for evolution-capital-partners

Evolution Capital Partners


Evolution Capital Partners is a small business private equity fund investing growth equity nationwide in Second Stage Companies generating annual…

Photo for hadley-capital

Hadley Capital


Hadley Capital was founded nearly 20 years ago specifically to invest in and grow small businesses. Since that time, we have completed more than 20…

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Working Capital Adjustment
Photo for james-darnell

James Darnell


James, a partner at KLH Capital, is responsible for identifying, structuring and executing transactions; due diligence; financial analysis; and…

Photo for jason-kwiatkowski

Jason Kwiatkowski


Jason is a Partner and President of Valuation Support Partners Ltd., a boutique professional services firm specializing in providing independent…

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Start Building Your Seller’s Pre-Sale Diligence Binder Today
Photo for jenifer-bartman

Jenifer Bartman


A business advisor known for her practical and solution-based approach, Jenifer Bartman assists companies in transition, including early stage,…

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5 Approaches to Generating a Track Record for a Winning Valuation
Photo for john-carvalho

John Carvalho

President, Divestopedia Inc.

John is president and founder of Stone Oak Capital Inc., an M&A advisory firm, as well as a co-founder of Divestopedia. For more than 20 years,…

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Maximizing Value When Selling Your Business
Photo for jeremy-azzarita

Jeremy Azzarita


In addition to being a valued contributor at Divestopedia, Jeremy Azzarita is Intern at Clearwater Corporate Finance supporting the M&A…

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A Guide to Merger and Acquisition Designations
Photo for jim-grebey

Jim Grebey


Jim Grebey is president of Diligent Inc., which provides positioning services for small businesses preparing for a sale and operations due diligence…

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Don’t Overlook the Value of a Well-Defined Business Model
Photo for jeffrey-kadlic-2

Jeffrey Kadlic


Jeffrey Kadlic is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Evolution Capital Partners. He is a private equity professional with broad experience in all…

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Do Advisory Boards Increase Business Value?
Photo for jared-kalish

Jared Kalish

Partner, Private Capital

Jared Kalish leads FirePower Capital’s Private Capital division, which manages the firm’s direct lending and investment activities. Jared…

Photo for john-warrillow

John Warrillow


John Warrillow is the founder of The Sellability Score and author of the book "Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without…

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Want to Increase the Value of Your Business by up to 71 Percent?
Photo for divestopedia-team

Divestopedia Team


Divestopedia is a resource for entrepreneurs who want to sell their business for the best price and terms. Whether you are thinking of selling, have…

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Checklist for Selling Your Business to a Competitor
Photo for kenny-van-tulder

Kenny Van Tulder

Senior Manager

Kenny Van Tulder has 10 years’ experience in the field of transfer pricing and valuations. He joined the newly-established transfer pricing…

Photo for kevin-shepherd

Kevin Shepherd


Kevin enjoys developing prosperous working relationships with private business owners. As the founder of ShortcutAccounting.com, he is focused on…

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The No.1 Way to Increase the Perceived Value of a Construction Company
Photo for karen-fisman

Karen Fisman

Director of Communications

Karen Fisman leads and executes FirePower Capital’s communication and content initiatives. In her most recent role, she was the publications…

Photo for logan-day

Logan Day


Logan Day is a Partner in EY’s Transaction Advisory Services practice, based in Edmonton. Logan focuses on assisting clients with their…

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Narrowing Valuation Gap in Oil and Gas Industry
Photo for lyle-solomon

Lyle Solomon

Principal Attorney

Lyle Solomon has considerable litigation experience as well as substantial hands-on knowledge and expertise in legal analysis and writing. He…

Latest Article

How Business Owners Can Thoughtfully Approach Exit Planning
Photo for mark-wardell

Mark Wardell


Mark is President and Founder of Wardell International, an advisory group that helps design and implement growth plans for SMEs, as well as…

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How to Double the Value of Nearly Any Business
Photo for mark-cussen

Mark Cussen


Mark has over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, and has worked with investments, insurance and mortgages as well as income tax…

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Placeholder: 15 term rewrites (April) &1 Refresh
Photo for chris-mercer

Chris Mercer


Chris Mercer works with baby boomer business owners on issues related to ownership succession and business valuation. Chris founded Mercer Capital,…

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Forewarning on Proprietary Deals
Photo for miracle-semien

Miracle Semien

COO, Veaux Professional Services, LLC
Photo for nate-nead

Nate Nead


Nate Nead is a Partner at www.investmentbank.com and www.mergers.com, two sites that provide a members-only network of experienced buyers and…

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Reps and Warranties (But Were Afraid to Ask)
Photo for buy-and-sell-a-business

Buy and Sell a Business


At BuyAndSellABusiness.com, we have helped thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, franchisees, business brokers and franchisors buy and sell…

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A Brick-and-Mortar Business Broker’s Intro to Ecommerce and SAAS
Photo for peter-ferrari

Peter Ferrari


Peter's practice focuses on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), banking, general business, and business succession law.  Peter works to partner…

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If You’re Selling Your Company, Don’t Get Sandbagged
Photo for darren-rawson-mary-cameron

Darren Rawson Mary Cameron


Despite diverse backgrounds, Darren and Mary share an interest in high-performance board governance. Darren and Mary have worked together on private…

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Four Steps to Establishing a Board in a Private Enterprise
Photo for richard-hemingway-2

Richard Hemingway

Managing Director

Richard established the Nexus group in early 2013 out of the Queenstown area on the south island of NZ. From those beginnings, the group has…

Photo for rick-pendykoski

Rick Pendykoski


Rick Pendykoski is the owner of Self Directed Retirement Plans LLC, a retirement planning firm based in Goodyear, AZ. He has over three decades of…

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Retirement Planning Specifically for Mid-Market Business Owners
Photo for robert-napoli

Robert Napoli


Robert Napoli, CA LLB  is Vice President and Co-founder of First West Capital, Western Canada's subordinated debt (sub debt) and mezzanine…

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Key Factors in Executing a Management Buyout
Photo for deal-market

Deal Market


DealMarket is an online platform enabling private equity buyers, sellers and advisors to maximize opportunities around the world – a one-stop shop…

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Is the Time Approaching to Sell Your Business?
Photo for rob-slee

Rob Slee


I’ve owned dozens of private business interests and have written a handful of books and hundreds of articles on value creation. But it wasn’t…

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Seven Paradoxes of Middle Market M&A
Photo for ryan-tansom

Ryan Tansom


Ryan runs industry-specific podcasts on his website which pertain to mergers and acquisitions, and all the life lessons he wish he had known then. He…

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Podcast: What Happens if You Lose Your Biggest Client? Interview with Larry Armstrong
Photo for riya-sander

Riya Sander


Riya is an Australia-based writer and holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Passionate about working with small business…

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5 Types of Business Insurance That Maximize Value
Photo for shivananda-shyamaraya-prabhu

Shivananda Shyamaraya Prabhu


Shivananda Shyamaraya Prabhu is a graduate engineer from Mysore University with over 25 years of experience in Tata Steel, Jamshedpur. He passed…

Photo for tom-gledhill

Tom Gledhill


Tom Gledhill is a Regional Director of Murphy Business Financial Corporation, an international M&A Advisory firm. He has over 35 years experience…

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Position Your Business for the Exit
Photo for corevalue-software

CoreValue Software


CoreValue Software has developed a suite of unique software as a service (SaaS) products to help private business owners build valuable companies.…

Photo for terence-hogan

Terence Hogan


Driven and passionate for his field, Terence connects resources to business owners and leaders with trusted leadership to create value from the risk…

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Skeletons in the Closet: How to Avoid Risk Management Pitfalls When Doing a Deal
Photo for wayne-vanwyck

Wayne Vanwyck


Wayne founded The Achievement Centre in 1984, Callright Marketing Services, in 1996 and The Vanwyck Corporation in 2009. He is an entrepreneur,…

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Choosing a Success(ion) Team to Sell Your Business
Photo for yazi-jepson

Yazi Jepson


Yazi Jepson is a Sydney-born writer, currently writing content for MOVE - People Driven Banking. She primarily covers business development and career…

Latest Article

Solving Exit Strategy Issues to Maximize Profit
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