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Looking to stay up-to-date on resources for entrepreneurs who want to sell their business for the best price and terms? Divestopedia webinars are the most popular online destination for live presentations led by world leading experts!
Join us for a focused webinar that breaks down the critical journey of selling your business into two clear phases: the pre-sale preparation and the execution of the sale itself. This pivotal…
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A dive deep into the importance of early engagement in the selling process and how it can be a game-changer for M&A professionals .
Valuable insights into how to strategically build and maximize value throughout the entire M&A journey, with a specific focus on deal making.
Business Valuations 101 - For Mid-Sized Business Owners
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Mastering Acquisition Deal Structuring: Strategies and Best Practices
Acquisition Analysis - Financial Model in excel used to determine return on investment
M&A Buyers' Market Coming - Take advantage to achieve exponential growth with an acquisition strategy.
Winning Moves: Proven Ways to Create Value in Acquisitions
A Survivor's Guide for Thriving Through Mergers & Acquisitions - Discussion with Jennifer Fondrevay
A Comprehensive Guide To M&A Representations And Warranties Insurance.
Considerations and best practices for completion of an acquisition purchase agreement.
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