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Jack Kearney

Managing Director


Jack Kearney is the Managing Director of Investment Banking at Dumas Capital Partners, a boutique investment & merchant bank that provides sophisticated advisory services for mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, capital formation, and balance sheet refinancings. This firm is headquartered in Dallas.

The Managing Directors of Dumas Capital Partners have over three decades of combined investment and merchant banking experience, and have closed more than 200 transactions valued in excess of $2 Billion dollars. The partners have Wall Street investment banking experience, as well as senior leadership experience at family-owned and publicly-listed companies.

Articles by Jack Kearney

  • businesspeople-arm-in-arm-in-the-darkness

    Choosing Between Strategic Buyers or Private Equity

    Private equity and strategic buyers come with their own set of financial and ownership objectives. This will undoubtedly have a critical impact on the initial transaction as well as operations post-closing. Here are issues that should be considered.

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