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What Does Deal Sheet Mean?

A deal sheet is a process documentation of an employee or entrepreneur's work experience in deals they have made in the field of financial investments. The deals entered and completed by said person are recorded in the deal sheet to prove their eligibility for working on similar types of projects.


Divestopedia Explains Deal Sheet

Deal sheets are mainly prepared by someone who is looking to advance their career and should describe his/her specific role in making those financial deals a success. In the field of investment banking, one must keep details of each deal they have worked on, including their performance in profits generated and information about valuation per share and yield per share.

Business owner that are in the process of selecting an investment banker or investment banking firm, should also ask for the deal sheets of each professional that will make up the deal team. This will provide more details on the relevant experience and deal-making abilities of the i-bankers.

It is a joint effort of an organization to complete a deal. Investment banking employees should record their input in getting that deal completed and use the information for performance appraisals and/or for potential interviews for other positions. In either case, a deal sheet will help the employee be prepared and will help the appraiser or interviewer to ask better questions based on the achievements listed.

Instructions for investment banking employees on how to document the experiences in a deal sheet are as follows:

  • If the number of deals worked on is less than three, then this experience can just be added to a résumé, not a deal sheet.
  • For a junior associate, a deal sheet must not only include the details of the work, but also the specific work performed.
  • One must not include any confidential information about a deal.
  • If there is a particular deal that one has worked on, which was complicated, interesting and ultimately offered a unique experience, then that must be described in detail. A proper description, steps taken to make the deal a success, the difficulties faced, and how it all came together must be included in the sheet.
  • The deal sheet must be categorized according to the types of deals.
  • The deal sheet must use bullet points.
  • The deal sheet must contain the dates of each deal and can be in chronological order.
  • Condense similar deals for the same client into one item.
  • Update the deal sheet on a regular basis.

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