Supermajority Provision

What Does Supermajority Provision Mean?

A supermajority provision is a contract provision that states that, for certain business actions, a super majority vote is needed. This differs from a simple majority.


Divestopedia Explains Supermajority Provision

A supermajority provision is most often utilized in cases of mergers and acquisitions. For instance, when a target company is thinking about completing a merger, there typically needs to be a favorable supermajority vote in order for the merger to pass. Oftentimes, a supermajority is two-thirds of the vote; however, it may vary from case to case.

In large businesses, all (or most) shareholders need to be onboard with decisions that can drastically change the course of the firm. With a simple majority vote, too many shareholders may potentially be disappointed with a vote result. A supermajority vote prevents this from occurring.


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