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Adam Croft


During his 10 year+ career in M&A, Adam has acted as lead advisor on over 100 SME company transactions in the UK, comprising of both buy and sell side mandates. With a track record and proven experience of successfully concluding transactions to Plcs, private equity and international purchasers, Adam is well-placed to advise shareholders and the board on the preparation required prior to commencing a disposal to trade parties or MBO; the valuation principals and key drivers in enhancing (and protecting) value pre-transaction; and how to maximize the value perception to potential bidders through a managed process.

Articles by Adam Croft

  • business-valuation

    The Value of a Valuation

    The best valuations cover all the basis. Are you getting the best? Find out what nuances are often overlooked in a business valuation and take steps today to a

  • timeline-concept-tomorrow-on-digital-background

    5 Tips for Succession Planning

    These 5 tips for succession planning will save you many headaches as you look to exit your business.

  • lab-architecture-building

    How an MBO Can Be the Right Solution When Planning Your Exit

    When planning an exit strategy, one of the first areas to review is the strength of the management team. Not only is this one of the pivotal areas in determining value when presenting the business for sale to third parties,...

  • plywood-wood-collage-poster-computer-electronics-laptop-pc-paper-walle

    Acquisition Strategy Success Points

    Whilst selling a company is fraught with challenges, for owners of good, stable businesses who are not desperate to sell, the proposition remains fairly straight forward: prepare the business and enhance its value as much as...

  • logo-trademark-sign-emblem

    3 Tips on Avoiding Deal Fatigue in an Unsolicited Approach Scenario

    Imagine this scenario: you are running a very successful, independent business, posting record sales and profits year on year. The management team is committed and incentivized, and you and your fellow shareholders are...

  • logo-trademark-clothing-hoodie-sweater-sweatshirt-art-drawing-lifejack

    Who Is the Right Buyer for Your Business?

    When it comes time to sell your company, you will need to carefully select your buyer to ensure both the best price for your hard work and to keep your vision alive. Consider this list of potential buyers before you start the sales process.

  • clothing-coat-overcoat-suit

    Timing an Exit

    In my experience as lead advisor on over 100 company disposals, owners often delay planning the sale of their company because they are caught up in the day to day operational demands, or because they find it difficult to...

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