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Brian Mazar, MBA, CBI


Brian is the Managing Director/CEO of American Fortune LLC, a business sales and acquisitions advisory firm based in Louisville, Kentucky.  Brian sets the strategy, manages the operations, and demands the highest standards of ethics and business practices of the firm. Brian has advised business owners in every industry on all aspects of mergers & acquisitions.  He has a rich background in manufacturing having held key business and operations positions with four Fortune 500 companies that were tier 1 suppliers to GM, Ford and Chrysler. He is an experienced negotiator and mediator and has superior skills in mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, exit planning strategies, and business valuations. He has attained the title “CBI” (Certified Business Intermediary) and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management and an MBA.

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Q&A by Brian Mazar, MBA, CBI

  • small-business-jpg

    What do buyers of small businesses really want to know?

    Before answering the question, it makes sense to first ask why people want to be in business for themselves. What are their motives? Countless surveys and studies have been done to address this question. The top four answers...

  • deals-fall-apart-jpg

    Why do deals fall apart?

    Deals can fall apart for many reasons driven by both the buyer and the seller. However, I have found that there are usually four key reasons why deals fall apart. These are: Skeletons in the closet - an undisclosed material...

  • due-dilligence-jpg

    What concerns do buyers have during due diligence?

    I will assume your company is privately held, which is most usually the case in the middle market. In my experience, buyers assess the value of the business prior to issuing a letter of intent, and then may conduct due...

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