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HoldenCAPITAL is a specialist construction finance group, recognized as a market leader through its successes in deal structuring and the sourcing of debt and equity solutions.

Our main focus is to leverage our collective skills, knowledge, resources and relationships to structure project finance solutions as well as the provision of equity to minimize the risks and maximize the return to our clients while taking account the interest of all stakeholders.

Appointing HoldenCAPITAL to secure your debt and equity requirements enables you to tap into our ability to source and negotiate more flexible terms from our extensive network of banks, non-bank institutions, mortgage funds and our trusted relationships with private lenders.

Articles by Don Lynd

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    Mezzanine Financing and Investing Explained

    Mezzanine financing may be a great way for growing businesses to bridge the gap between what conventional banks will lend against assets and the total value of a new project/acquisition. Investing in such debt may also be worth adding to your portfolio.

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