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Jim Grebey is a hands-on business operations analyst who has worked in the trenches helping owners build sustainable business and grow winning teams. He has implemented winning growth strategies for both large and small businesses, resulting in increased revenues, lowered operating costs and improved customer satisfaction. In 2001, Jim Grebey founded Diligent Inc. to provide operations management services for clients trying grow their business and operations due diligence services for investors trying to perform effective operations assessments.

He has been widely published, including three books:

  • Moving On — Getting the Most from the Sale of Your Small Business published by De|G PRESS, an imprint of De Gruyter, 2018

  • Operations Due Diligence — An M&A Guide for Investors and Business published by McGraw Hill, 2012

  • The Determined Entrepreneur — The Story of Dr. George Tinsley and The Values that Guided His Journey to Success Published by Authorhouse, 2013

While living and working in Asia in 2001, Jim Grebey was instrumental in helping offshore businesses bring their products to market in the United States, assisting U.S. businesses seeking offshore partners and helping offshore investors find compatible U.S. businesses for investment. Following 9/11, he was invited to testify before the U.S. Congress as an expert witness in the application of security technologies.

Today Jim Grebey works with a select group of business clients, helping them grow and position their businesses, and with investors, performing acquisition/operations risk assessments. He speaks regularly with groups on operations management, due diligence and entrepreneurism.

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