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Ron Nakamoto


Ron Nakamoto is the CEO of Empowered Wealth Partners and a major contributor to Empowered Wealth group of companies. He was one of the founding Quadrant Living Architects and a long-time proponent of Empowered Wealth principles, concepts, and tools. A Certified Financial Planner since 1987, he is now focused on empowering entrepreneurial families through his leadership and work at Empowered Wealth . He currently lives and works in the Salt Lake City area.

From 1994 until 2011, he operated his own firm Strategic Financial in Northern California. After stints as a shareholder in a public financial services company and as a real estate developer in Hawaii and Louisiana, he divested himself of his business interests in order to focus on his role with Empowered Wealth Partners and the Empowered Wealth group of companies.

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