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Chris Mercer has been a business appraiser since 1978 and a business owner since 1982, when Mercer Capital was formed. Mercer Capital is a 40-person firm with a diverse valuation-related business. We are an ESOP company with second generation (not family) management in place.

Chris has served on the boards of directors of several private companies and one public company. He is open to discussing board participation in one or two national situations where his background and expertise are a good fit.

Chris' blog can be found at The focus of this blog is for and directly to Baby Boomer Business Owners (current ages 50 to 67 or so) about the important management and ownership transitions they are facing.

Chris' valuation work tends to be in three primary areas:

Speaking is a lot of fun for Chris and If you'd like to consider Chris to speak for your group, go to

His books are available at

Articles by Chris Mercer

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    Seven Questions for Highly Effective Business Transitions

    In the recent past, I was retained by a Fortune 100 company to participate in seminars given to their leading dealers from around the nation. As I recall, all but two of the more than 50 owners were 55 years of age or older....

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