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Privcap is a digital media company that produces thought-leadership content for the global private capital market, as well as offers digital communications services to market participants. Privcap is known for its authoritative online video programs and digital reports.

Since its launch in September 2011, Privcap has produced dozens of focused reports and roughly 700 video programs – mostly in-depth interviews and panel discussions with private investment experts. Privcap’s audience has grown to roughly 9,000 unique visitors per month, a mix of institutional limited partners, general partners, HNW investors and service providers. Each week, Privcap and its sister site PrivcapRE release and promote new content.

Privcap provides three main services to the private capital market:

  • Premium Content: A subscription to Privcap delivers our entire archive of interviews and panel discussions, a monthly magazine and unlimited access to other exclusive resources designed to arm you and your colleagues with extensive market intelligence. 
  • Sponsorships: Privcap works with companies seeking to elevate their profile among private capital clients by offering content-driven thought-leadership sponsorship opportunities.
  • Custom Content: In addition to its editorial programming, Privcap works with investment firms and other market participants to create digital media assets and strategies designed improve communications with investors, potential investors and other market constituents.

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