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I was born and raised in Minnesota. However, when I was a kid, we moved around a bit as a result of my Dad’s career. This definitely helped push me out of my shell as I literally had no other choice but to meet people if I wanted to have friends. We eventually moved back to Minnesota where my Dad started his own company, Imaging Path.

After graduating from Mahtomedi High School, I was accepted into Saint John’s University. Going to SJU was one of the best decisions I have made. I found out what it meant to be a “Johnnie,” I met my wife Megan who is a “Bennie,” and established an amazing core group of friends.

I decided to join my Dad’s business after college. Imaging Path sold IT services and printing equipment. I started grinding on the streets in sales and continued to climb the ranks where I eventually took a lead role in developing our outsourced IT services offering. From there I became the Executive VP taking on more responsibility of running the business. I took a lead role in turning the company around and helped position it for sale to a local competitor. Throughout the process, I learned the intricacies of business, finance, and what it takes to help us and others achieve financial success.

After a few months helping to make sure the acquisition went smoothly, I decided to take the skills and expertise I acquired in my career at Imaging Path and team up with Brandon at Solidity Financial. We both have a crazy passion for doing investments the right way and share very similar outlooks on life.

I continue to leverage my experiences as an entrepreneur in my Life After Business podcast. My goal is to bring you all the information and resources I wish I would have had during our exit planning experience. At Solidity, we can guide you through the exit planning process to ensure that you transition into a happy and purposeful life after business.

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