What Does Syndicate Desk Mean?

A syndicate desk is a group of people responsible for researching, marketing and pricing bonds, loans or stocks of companies.

The role of a syndicate desk is important for companies wishing to launch or issue a new initial public offering deal to the market so that they can get the right price and, subsequently, get buyers of the stock.

The syndicate desk may also be referred to as the syndicate team.


Divestopedia Explains Syndicate Desk

A syndicate desk is used by a company whenever they wish to launch a new initial public offering deal and gather enough data to do it properly. A member of the syndicate team performs research by talking directly to investors or also by going through an investment bank and talking to the appropriate parties in order to better understand the market.

After gathering enough data, he/she reports the gathered information to the company wishing to launch a new IPO deal and then collaborates with them in order to come up with a recommendation that is feasible and sell-able.



Syndicate Team

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