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Join us for a focused webinar that breaks down the critical journey of selling your business into two clear phases: the pre-sale preparation and the execution of the sale itself. This pivotal…
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A dive deep into the importance of early engagement in the selling process and how it can be a game-changer for M&A professionals .
Valuable insights into how to strategically build and maximize value throughout the entire M&A journey, with a specific focus on deal making.
M&A Buyers' Market Coming - Take advantage to achieve exponential growth with an acquisition strategy.

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This section includes SS&C Intralinks® 2021 Corporate Restructuring Report various free downloads, including whitepapers, reports, presentation slides.
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This eBook is designed for management teams and business owners contemplating an MBO as an exit channel. Learn about the process, financing options, challenges and everything else you need to know…
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What is mezzinine financing and when is it used? This whitepaper by Bond Capital provides a comprehensive overview of this layer of capital that fills the gap between senior debt and equity.
The purpose of this workbook is to maximize your company’s value by viewing your business through the eyes of a perspective buyer. We have distilled their insights into 53 crucial value factors…

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