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Capital Asset Pricing Model

The capital asset pricing model is a theoretical model that compares risk and return. CAPM (pronounced as cap "m") is used to calculate an appropriate... Read more

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In a short word 'no.' Having said that, getting involved in the exit planning process is a great thing to do, especially if you're contemplating...read on
Think Twice Before Involving Your Kids In the Family Business

Author of two international best-seller books, Dr. Tom Deans, provides a thought-provoking and contrarian approach to business succession planning and family wealth transitions. A "must listen to" podcast for every family business owner! 
Step by Step Instruction to Build Enterprise Value

CoreValue pioneered a set of ‘Private Business Standards’ (PBS) over a decade ago, and out of those standards emerged a framework of ‘18 Value Drivers’ that enabled the measurement of operational excellence. 
Best of Breed: An Aggressive Valuation Strategy for the Best Mid-Market Businesses

The best companies can't always be compared to their peers. That's where the best of breed strategy comes in. Find out how it's used in IPOs - and how those lessons can be applied to mid-market businesses. 
The Benefits of Effective Due Diligence for Investors and Business Owners

Understand the role of due diligence as an M&A and business analysis tool. 
Transitioning Business Wealth to Liquid Wealth

In this podcast, Lisa Gray, founder of Graymatter Strategies LLC, explores how family businesses can prepare emotionally and financially for the transition from earning money in their business to having liquid wealth. 
Why Would a Buyer Require an Environmental Assessment?

For "bricks and mortar" companies or those that offer products or services associated with chemicals or commodities, a buyer is sure to require an environmental assessment. Understand what this assessment is, and how you can prepare for one. 
Intrinsic Value per Share and the Roadmap to Measurable Value Creation

Companies need a roadmap to help them achieve measurable financial value creation. This article provides the various levers that company owners can focus on to amplify value in their business. 
How Much Money Do You Need From An Exit To Be Financially Secure?

Valuation is important when selling a business but after-tax proceeds is even more critical. Learn about methods to figure out how much money an owner needs to be financially secure. 
Managing Family Dynamics in Business Succession Planning

Wealth brings complexity. In this podcast, Matthew Wesley, a family succession expert shares his experiences in managing the dynamics of a family business. 
Investment Bankers: No, We're Not Villains

One of the most common criticisms against investment bankers is the accusation that their only motivation is to get a deal done at all costs. Find out why those accusations are right on the money. 
10 Ways to Attract Private Equity

Private equity can be an excellent exit alternative for many mid-market businesses. Learn 10 ways to be more attractive to a private equity investor. 
Getting Ready to Sell - Advice from the Experts

Valuable advice from our great Divestopedia Podcast guests. 
Increase Your Company Debt?  Why Not, It May Be an Option to Selling

For companies with low debt on their balance sheets, leveraging back to an optimal capital structure can allow an owner to monetize the business - without selling. 
Building a Valuable Business - Advice from the Experts

Some of the best pieces of advice on building a valuable business from our Divestopedia Podcasts. 
Ask an Expert - 5 Questions on Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

Ever heard of NDAs? If you are looking to sell or buy a business, you may have been required to sign one. Here are 5 questions you always wanted to ask about them, but were afraid to ask. 
The Importance of Mergers and Acquisitions in the Middle Market

The middle market represent one-third of private sector GDP and employ approximately 25% of the total labor force. Yet, it is estimated 70% of mid market businesses can never be sold. Michael Nall, Founder of the AM&AA provides his insight on this concer 
There are Lots of Buyers.  That is Great.  Right?

With supposedly so many buyers and sellers of businesses, why is it still so hard to close a deal. Here are the 5 misconceptions that create this gap between them. 
When Selling Your Business, Don't Waste a Buyer's Time

How to properly answer the question "Why are you selling your business?" 
The 10 Things Your Business Broker Must Do to Earn the Fee

Not all business brokers are created equal. Before you hire one, find out how what the good ones do to consistently make the sale and earn their fee. 
How Are Middle Market Business Acquisitions Financed?

Understand the basic financing structures used in the sale and acquisition of a lower mid-market business. 
How Targeted Should Your Sale Process Be?

How do you determine the right number of buyers to approach? This article will evaluate the spectrum of options to maximum value, on a short timeline, with the transaction completed as confidentially as possible. 
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Notional Value

Notional value is defined as the total net amount of forward contracts, or the leveraged investments based on realistic spot price, and is used as a basis for... Read more 


Tombstones are grave-looking, simple print advertisements in black and white that are used to make an announcement. Generally, they are placed by investment bankers... Read more 

Tangible Asset Value

Tangible assets are literally speaking assets which has a physical existence i.e. it can be touched and seen. It includes property plant and machinery (PPE). This... Read more 

Definitive Purchase Agreement

A definitive purchase agreement is a legal document which records the conditions for a purchase/sale of a business. It is a mutually binding contract between the... Read more 

Micro Private Equity

Micro private equity refers to organized pools of capital used in the acquisition of businesses under $5 million in enterprise value. Traditional private equity... Read more 
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