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An institutional investor is mainly a large organization that has considerable cash reserves with which to invest in securities and other investment assets. Institutional investors include endowment funds... (Read on)

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In a short word 'no.' Having said that, getting involved in the exit planning process is a great thing to do, especially if you're contemplating leaving your business in the next... (Read on)
Real Stories of Private Equity Value Creation

Understand the process and work that goes into value creation in a private equity investment. 
The Importance of Projections in Determining Business Value

It's no secret that valuations are a big part of the business selling process, and it's a critical step. Weighing future projections is a key component to determining the fair market value. 
Business Owners Beware of the Unsolicited Offer

If you become intoxicated with the thoughts of future riches, you could put your company in jeopardy. 
The Myth of Value Creation

Discover how you can exit your business at a more lucrative price to the right successor. 
A Guide To Family Business Transitions

Business succession can be a very stressful process for families. In this podcast, an industry pioneer discusses some fundamental ways for your succession to be a success. 
Why Don't Business Owners Embrace Exit Planning?

Exit planning is understand the correlation between the way a business is run and its valuation. 
Skills Needed for Successful Family Wealth Transfer

Discover the problems that face families when transferring wealth and understand what you can do to make the process a smooth one. 
Issues to Consider Before Signing an LOI

How do you choose a buyer when you have received a number of offers? Is the LOI all it is made up to be? 
Three Ways to Sell a Company

As the market becomes more favourable for business owners to sell, we look at 3 different routes for owners to sell their business. 
How to Sell Your Online Business for Maximum Value

Discover 5 ways which can help you obtain the maximum value of your online business when selling. 
Lessons Learned From Providing Over 13 Million Business Valuations

Michael Carter, CEO and President of BizEquity, talks about their simple and affordable online tool to value a lower mid-market business. 
Narrowing Valuation Gap in Oil and Gas Industry

Discover the factors driving renewed M&A activity in the oil and gas industry and how your company can take advantage of it. 
What You Don't Want to Wish After You've Sold Your Business

Building wealth doesn't just mean accumulating money. Learn what you can do now to start preparing for your transition to the rest of your life. 
Magic Tricks to Help You Get the Valuation You Want

Valuing a company is more black magic than science. These tricks will help you get the highest possible price. 
Considerations for Management Teams in Private Equity Buy-outs

Selling a business to a private equity group brings opportunity but also uncertainty for the existing management team. 
Common Tax Strategies for Mid-Market Deals

Tax planning is one of the most complicated parts of completing deals. Learn some common strategies that can help minimizes taxes payable in M&A transactions. 
Have Business Partners? Understand Buy-Sell Agreements.

Learn about buy-sell agreements and why they are an integral part of exit planning. 
Overview of Private Equity for Entrepreneurs

Private equity firms should be seen as an important buyer in the marketplace for good businesses and should also be regarded as a genuine partner. 
Think Twice Before Involving Your Kids In the Family Business

Author of two international best-seller books, Dr. Tom Deans, provides a thought-provoking and contrarian approach to business succession planning and family wealth transitions. A "must listen to" podcast for every family business owner! 
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Exit Planning

Exit planning is the complete strategy for exiting a privately held company. It involves analyzing the financial, legal and tax options and repercussions for... Read more 

Two-step Private Auction

A two-step private auction is a variation on the controlled auction process used in the sale of a privately held mid-market business. The other variation is the... Read more 

Asset Based Lending

Asset-based lending is a form of a loan that is an alternative to bank lending, where lenders carefully evaluate a company's assets (receivables, contracts and... Read more 

Deferred Consideration

Deferred consideration is a portion of the purchase price that is payable by the buyer in the future, after closing. Purchase price is negotiated on the basis of a... Read more 


A ratchet is an anti dilution protection mechanism whereby management's equity stake may be altered on the happening of various future events. Ratchet is provided... Read more 
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