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    Pre Sale

    The Pathway to Deeper Deal Flow

    When working with an owner on their transaction, how does an M&A advisor ensure that the business is as valuable as possible at the point of transition? What steps…

    By: Exit Planning Institute

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    Pre Sale

    An Exploration of the Relationship Between Financial Advisors and M&A

    M&A Advisors work on what is arguably the most significant financial transaction in a person’s life: the sale of their business. As a member of a business…

    By: Exit Planning Institute

  • autumn-leaves-falling-from-the-tree
    Pre Sale

    How to Keep Your Deals from Falling Through

    *Owner and company names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals and businesses represented in the case study.*When planning to exit your business,…

    By: Exit Planning Institute

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  • the-dreaded-re-trade-best-practices-to-avoid-them
    Sale Process

    Re-Trade and Best Practices to Avoid Them

    (Article originally posted here.)In the M&A world, there are few terms as dreaded as the “Re-Trade”. The continued market uncertainty, coupled with…

    By: Michael Carter

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    Pre Sale

    Private Equity Deal Sourcing Strategies in 2023

    It’s the dream of just about every private equity fund manager to source a proprietary deal. Why? Because they are often less trafficked by buyers and therefore…

    By: Divestopedia Team

  • clothing-coat-overcoat-suit-blossom-flora-flower-lighting-petal-plant
    Sale Process

    Flirting with a Single Buyer for Your Business

    Over the last few months I have talked to three different business owners who, in hopes of selling their businesses, reached out to a single potential buyer they…

    By: John Carvalho | President, Divestopedia Inc.

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    Pre Sale

    5 Core Tenets of Exit Planning

    The succession or exit by a business owner is usually the single largest financial transaction in their lifetime with a lot at risk as typically a majority of an…

    By: Scott Yoder

  • businesspeople-arm-in-arm-in-the-darkness
    Sale Process

    Choosing Between Strategic Buyers or Private Equity

    Regardless of the current media concen­tration on the pros and cons of private equity firms and investments, those who work in the business or those considering…

    By: Jack Kearney | Managing Director

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    Pre Sale

    Lessons Learned from Negative Buyer Feedback

    Business buyers do not often reveal their hands about why they feel a business is an attractive acquisition prospect for fear of driving up the price. They do, however,…

    By: Dave Kauppi

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    Pre Sale

    Neutralizing the Due Diligence Grind

    That dollar figure, whether written on a napkin over coffee or floated in a conversation, is not a binding offer. Any potential acquirer will need to conduct a due…

    By: Paris Aden

  • collage-poster-computer-electronics-laptop-pc-newspaper-text-clothing
    Pre Sale

    Do Advisory Boards Increase Business Value?

    One of the most important elements of a great investment is getting the right people involved. The right people bring innovative ideas, create opportunities and help the…

    By: Jeffrey Kadlic

  • poster-brochure-flyer-paper
    Maximize Value

    Intrinsic Value per Share and the Roadmap to Measurable Value Creation

    In my previous article, Value is in the Eye of the Beholder, I presented the idea that the definition of value can vary depending on the stakeholder. I stated that for…

    By: Erick Hamdan

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  • road-flora-plant-tree-freeway-highway-countryside-nature-outdoors-oak
    Pre Sale

    The Fifth Ingredient to a Successful Exit – Net Proceeds Analysis

    The exit plan is progressing. We have identified the goals under Step 1, determined the financial needs upon exit under Step 2, assessed the current value of the…

    By: Jason Kwiatkowski

  • Exit Planning
    Maximize Value

    How Business Owners Can Thoughtfully Approach Exit Planning

    If you started your business from scratch, the chances are that you’ve invested a lot of your time and financial resources into growth. You have been through thick…

    By: Lyle Solomon | Principal Attorney

  • istock-1214656143
    Post Sale

    Post Deal – The Plan for the First 90 Days

    I sat down with Tom Hendrickson, the founder and president of Mitre Media, an online financial media company focused on aggregating a sophisticated audience of…

    By: Cory Janssen

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